Is the new Dev more resource hungry?

  • I've been noticing my battery draining quickly with our lovely new OS, and my charger is having problems keeping it pumped up...

    I've also noticed that the screen blinks to black sometimes....

    Just a couple of unsubstantiated observations. Nexus5. Dev.

  • my bq e5's battery is not consuming any power on standby, but drains quickly when in use. very strange.

  • @3arn0wl Same impressions for me. Today, battery load of my N5, drop in 3 hours of non intensive use via wifi (without video and without bluetooth), from 100% to 10% with brigthness at minimum level. From memory, never seen that before but I may be wrong.

  • Other than a few glitches, this was my biggest impression of the new dev channel. Seems to drain the battery faster than ota-11 stable.

    How much faster is hard to say at this point.

  • I have had days where it seems to drain quicker but recently it has been very good on my OPO. It's at 75% after 8.5 hrs with a few calls texts and web etc. Completely switching off can help reset things but don't use many other devices these days to comment on those.

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