UBPorts Phone for children (restricted use) and parents (as root) - [Parental Control]

  • Dear UBPorts Users / Developers,

    I'm a father of two boys and they strongly claim to have smartphone(s) so:
    1). I've been continously supporting UBPorts via Patreon since 2019-02-04 and would like to continue that way 🙂
    2). I bought 3 different phones that support UBPorts.
    3). I managed for the moment to install UBPorts UT 16.04 OTA-11 at Bq E5 HD.

    ... and now I have a question, how can I achieve the following :

    4). I want to have an 8-digit pin to access the phone using the "simplified" (0-9) keyboard. AFAIK the 0-9 keyboard does not allow to insert pins composed of many digits, correct? On the other hand, there is the "full keyboard" where I could set an 8-digit password but it isn't comfortable as the "simplified" keyboard, which has only 0-9 fields.

    5). At the same time I want to have the Ubuntu Store blocked/secured with a separate 26-character password which allows to install software, as when you install software at desktop, doing "sudo apt-get install xxxxx".

    6). Finally (if I haven't forgotten something - please be patient), when my child creates/changes the PIN, I want to have the possibility to access the phone with my root password and change/reset the PIN.

    Could you please tell me, if this is already available and how can I do it, if so?
    If it's not available "out of the box", how could I do it / hack the phone to do so?
    If hacking is not possilbe, would it be possible to ask the Developers for such a Feature, plese ?

    Thank you in advance and kind regards, Peter.

  • @pe3noATo2DOTpl
    I think this could be a very useful feature.

  • Not an answer, sorry, but I think that is a very good idea.
    I don't know if given how the OS is made it will be an easy task.

    I see several possible ways where we could restrict the access to the OpenStore.
    But I'm less optimistic about having a master account, it may be a long way until such feature.

    But my interest is to your point #4, I can only agree that a longer pin would be a great idea.
    And yes password with the full keyboard is harder to type, even more without making typos...
    I think maybe a way to switch from keyboard is possible ? Just wondering.

  • You need to connect with WayneOutThere in the ubports parents group on matrix. He has said that he has what you've asked about.

    Not sure how to link to it, but you can find it in Fluffy Chat.

  • @pe3noATo2DOTpl Here is the link for UBports Parents Group https://t.me/UBports_Parents

  • This topic is of high interest to myself and others. Definitely join our parents group on Telegram (also Matrix).

    Currently, we have "Simple Dash" (Brian Douglass) app running over top of regular Ubuntu Touch. This stops any action without parent's password. It works very well, but it does have a back door. You can go around via the settings in the top drawer.

    This with Jade Diamond they can only go to a website you authorize. You can also blacklist a website you don't want them to go to.

    We are also discussing how the router can work for protecting the whole home in general before the traffic even comes into the device.

    Further, we have discussed the topic above of logging in. We believe once Unity8 is working (apparently soon) we will be able to set up 'admin accounts' over top of 'child accounts'.

    There are also many business reasons to have these features. Employees should not do illegal or dumb things on company phones.

    It would be most excellent to build a thriving team to focus on these solutions. Definitely our kids are getting messed up at young age and we have a very good solution here.

    Hope these comments help and inspire....

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