Problem with Nexus 5 in rural area

  • Hello!
    I flashed a Nexus 5 without much difficulty thanks to the UBPorts application.
    I'm getting 4g connection, and even 3g I think, when I am traveling around our area.
    But when I am home I have zero connection even though we are 'covered' on the TMobil map.
    Working with support I squeezed out the following fact:
    "T-Mobil(or MVNO) will not support this phone on this tower in your area less than 4g"

    Please let me know what I can do.
    1.) Try the OnePlusOne instead?
    2.) Flash the phone back to Android to activate first, then flash back to UT?
    3.) Adjust APN settings further?

    When I activated the phone StraighTalk told me the phone is not allowed only a SIM connection...
    While traveling I adjusted the cell connection to be only 3G/2G and the connection icon says 'E' but I don't know what that means?
    Will the PinePhone work with UT?

  • I dunno if this would help but you could try to update the firmware?

    Will the PinePhone work with UT?

    I think they're working to make that happen

  • @mh4it As far as I'm aware E is a 2-3g connection PinePhone preinstalled with Ubuntu touch should be available from March Next year.
    Sorry if I am misunderstanding but non of the devices will change the connection issue that is provided from your supplier. The Nexus 5 will work perfectly well with 4g and 2-3g same for OPO. Try the suggestion above and update the firmware which should help.

  • @mh4it
    Same answer as @Lakotaubp :
    I guess the problem is that 4G is too weak inside your home (thick walls or Faraday cage).
    As a matter of fact, the Nexus5 has a good antenna ; I had the same issue with my former android phone but when I switched to the Nexus5, the connection was better and stronger.

    In my case when the 4G signal is too weak, I still got "E" (it's 3G while "H" is 3.5G).
    In your case it's either 4G or nothing...

  • Thanks for all the info!
    Ok so I just updated the radio firmware to the latest as mirroronthewall suggested.
    No difference so far.

    One more thing I may have made a mistake regarding the APN.
    The only APN is Internet / MMS for wap.tracfone &
    I made the mistake of trying to create my own LTE APN (which is disabled). But I can't delete it, rather the phone reboots with enabling both APNs??? How do I delete?

    This is not just a coverage issue, but a StraightTalk & TMobil decision of some sort.
    There is 3G / 4G coverage here but my phone is denied on the tower over our house.
    I have a used Kindle Paper White here I bought used as a gift (and preloading with Gutenberg) and it has full bars on 3G here.

  • Just took a road trip to Pittsburgh, have good reception everywhere and all along the Interstate coming here!

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