Bq E5 HD crashes in Standby Mode

  • Bq Aquaris E5 HD on DEV channel crashes while in standby mode, when left untouched for a day or so. It refuses to restart unless connected to an external power. When plugged in it shows that it still has mor than a 60% charge. It seems to occur every time that the phone is unattended over a longer period. Did anyone experience a similar behaviour?

  • @marlboro50 Hi,
    I think someone reported a similar behavior.

    From what you told us I would bet on a hardware problem with the battery.
    Did you replace the battery or is the phone old ?

    If you are able to replace the battery it would be the best move in my humble opinion.
    Faulty battery can send bad charge information, but the option of a faulty process is not to be exclude.

  • @AppLee Battery issue was the general conclusion to get it going again, not only on the 5 but also on the 4.5 as well. Had a few issues on Welcome and install in the last few weeks. So yes new battery seems to be the way to go.

  • @AppLee Thank you for your reply. My phone has been working like a charme since i bought it 3 or so years ago. Also i never had a problem with the battery before. I started behaving erratically when i changed to the dev channel. I kept displaying a charge o 100% although it was sitting there for half a day on standby. On using it, it very quickly lost its charge.
    This was later followed by the error I have described obove. I somehow doubt that it's the battery.
    I will keep observing patiently without panicking. 😁

  • Hi, I did not have this problem tell us if you notice any changes.

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  • @apollos it now seems that the problem has been fixed. I have recently updated my phone and the error has not occured ever since. It runs down the battery nicely without crashing.

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