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    I of course understand that the first iteration of the Pinephone has a camera module which is chosen for basic utility and no more. None of the operating systems projected to run on it will have any significant image post-processing capability, so everything hangs on the inbuilt features of the chosen camera hardware. My 'dream ticket' for a Pinephone 2 would be the module used in the OnePlus3 - back illuminated, RAW capable and with optical image stabilisation

  • I hope there will be a PP2.


  • I hope there will be a PP slim... the current version is just too large 😕

  • Do we know the current camera does not support raw? Or is it that no one has implement such?

  • @Giiba
    RAW is the format used by the sensor. It's not really A format type, just how the sensor handle the data ; it's proprietary to the sensor even if some de facto "standards" exist.
    So any camera supports RAW because this is how they work.

    The camera chip is also able to encode the picture or video to several formats.
    That's up to the driver and the app on top of it to ask for the desired format.

    In my experience every camera sensor I worked with worked the same, but my experience is not law, so maybe it can be different.

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