PayPal donation returned

  • I donated with paypal as well a month ago, but now I got the donation back:

    On 21. Dec 2019, you sent a payment to Ubports for 30.00 CHF.
    The funds have been returned to your account.
    This payment was returned for the following reason(s):
    Ubports's Payment Receiving Preferences are set to manually accept or deny this type of payment.
    Please contact Ubports ( to arrange an alternate payment method.

    So you do not really want/need financial donations?

  • @magdesign I am trying to find out for you but no answer as to what may have happened yet. As far as I know it should be working OK. Sorry you have had this inconvenience.

  • @magdesign, I've created a new topic from your post. Please don't bring back very old topics, it makes it more difficult to find the new content.

    Thank you very much for your donation! However, was it set to "pay for goods and services?" In this case, the transaction fee is charged to us and PayPal tries to get us to send a product in return. This process requires manual review. It seems that this was missed in our account, I apologize for that.

    If you choose to send this payment again, please let me know what settings you have set for it and when you put it through. Then I can get someone to check on our end. Thanks!

  • Hey! I got a similar return of Money. I sent about 20 USD (200SEK) at Dec26, got returned to me yesterday or so.

    I beleive I chose the "Give money to a friend"-option (freely translated), but I'm not sure. Is that the option that should be chosen for the money not to be returned?

    If so I can try again.


  • Administrators

    Not sure whats going on with PayPal, but the problems appear only when we get sent a amount in a different currency then whats currently on the account. PayPal does not give any email of some sort that there is a new payment, so most of the times we we no idea that a new currency has to be accepted to be able to receive in that currency. I will try to follow up with PayPal, but please try sending it with EUR or USD.

  • Maybe useful to promote #Stripe instead of PayPal ?

  • This time I unchecked the "paying for a service" checkmark,
    its automatically checked by default when clicking on the Paypal link here:
    and the currency is set to Euros, hope it worked this time...

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