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  • Hi,
    Due to having not mutch nexus devices on sale here in the netherlands like the nexus 5 onlt the X version i would like to have some advice on devices that is ported with things linke calls/texts/4G/wifi/bleutooth and audio video playback normally so it can funtion as my bussiness phone besides my personal phone.

    had and mx4 ubuntu edition sadly the sim slot decided to stop working and could not get it fixed.
    meizu ubuntu editions are verry little in my country and even ebay will not show mutch of them and if they are coming on pepole are asking almost the new price for them.

    so any one has advice on witch android device to buy from the suported list and flash ubports on to it.

  • If someone has the knowladge for it i have an nokia 8 128gb 6gb ram lying around maybe a port to that device is posible

    Hardware Nokia 8
    Architecture - Chipset 64bit - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998 (10nm)
    CPU processor Octa-Core, 2 processors:
    2.45Ghz Quad-Core Kryo
    1.9Ghz Quad-Core Kryo
    GPU graphical controller Qualcomm Adreno 540
    RAM memory 6GB LPDDR4X
    Internal storage 128GB (114GB user available)
    UFS 2.1
    External storage Until 256GB microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
    (hybrid slot/shares the same SIM-2 slot)

    hopefull it can be done HMD did give out a tutorial to unlock bootloader

  • Do you need it now?

    If you wait some time maybe OP3, Redmi 4x or the pinephone would be a good choice.

  • Its not needed now now but withing a frame of 2 or 3 weeks it is that is why i asked for advice

  • That quick I would personally recommend the OPP. Should be cheap enough from online reseller. Works well. I used one daily until I started seeing how the OP3 was working.

  • op3 how far from basic daily use is that, mainly because its a bit newer and faster
    And here its found a bit more quickly than one plus one

  • @sojab0on Coming along nicely for the OP3, but not as straight forward to setup as other devices. If you want the basics wirking then its fine. Calls, sms, camera (no zoom) web browsing, email, vpn and a small but vital range of apps are available. Bluetooth, adb, mtp are not. When all is sorted it will be a great device. A lot of good work and effort is being put in to get it working.
    There is a thread on the forum for this device (I will add the link) have a read through all the info is there.

  • i have the need for bleutoth functionallity due to carkit communication and bleutooth headset connection for work related calls

    so i will have to wait for that to work then

  • @sojab0on

    Hands free doesn't work in Ubuntu Touch. Lots of users are frustrated by the absence of the feature. Bleutooth connection mostly works and the music audio protocol operates correctly. Speech conversation does not. It may be that the SCO channel capability is not enabled: or that it is enabled and not found: or that it is enables and found but that the necessary codec is not enabled or is not found...
    There may be a very simple fix but whatever the answer, it needs a mini project team of specialists - which we don't have. Hopefully such a team will form

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