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  • hi, when i boot my opo there comes 'powered by ubports'. I like that a lot. I would like to have that on my op3 too. thank you.

  • @Pingu Hi,
    I bet what you're looking for is there :

    Read this carefully and proceed at your own risks.

  • @AppLee exact what i am looking for - looks complicated?!? could it be done with an update sometime?

  • @Pingu Yes I guess it will be done in the future.
    But I don't know when. The update was recent IIRC.

  • @AppLee I will try to flash tomorrow...thank you for your help.

  • @Pingu The same thing happened with the OPO. The images were made available to self flash and then later came as part of an update. So give it a try or wait the choice is yours.

  • Ok does not work with fastboot flash LOGO logo.bin - so I will just wait...but thanks again. That .zip thing seems to me to complicated.

  • @Pingu I have been trying to do this on my Galaxy Note 4, but since its a snapdragon, its far more difficult than doing it on say a Nexus 5 for example, some devices you can flash with fastboot and specifying logo, other devices might require a different approach like using dd to copy a whole partition, where youd then manipulate it to get the screen you want and then flash it back, in the case of my note 4, I have not figured out how to properly manipulate the partition yet, nor has anyone else, where as the Exynos version is easier to achieve this. I am just trying to give a little perspective on what goes into changing the boot screen, it sometimes is as easy as flashing a file with fastboot, and sometimes its far more difficult. I encourage people to experiment if they are comfortable doing so, as it is never a bad thing to learn something new. I also hope it gives an idea of the work (in some cases very hard work) that people like myself who port a device devote to making things work right and look right.

  • For Oneplus devices the partition name is probably LOGO. And you can ask @rubencarneiro very kindly, maybe he will draw one for you 😉

  • @tigerpro thanks for your coment. I bett it is sometimes hard. I am glad that you and so many people help to make UT always better. I will try to help a little too. I can wait for the logo. I use UT since 2013. I can not programm.

  • @Flohack I will just wait, not so importend. But thank you for your answer. Cool that you do so much for Ubuntu Touch! (sounds like poetry...). BTW...you know so much about UT, what I am really looking for is a XMPP client that 99% works. In these days an instant messenger, open source, dezentral, e2e encryption, on different devices, without telephone number should be interessting for many people who use alternative smartphon OS. (like conversations or dino.im). ConversJS good beginning but just works ~60%. Thanks for your time.

  • @Pingu I started with no programming knowledge, if I can do it, I bet you can too

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