Oneplus 3T screen swipe from the right side not working

  • Hi Oneplus 3T users,

    Is anyone else failing to swipe from the right side of screen to the left in portrait mode? On my device I can do this in landscape mode then rotate back to portrait but I cannot swipe from right side in portrait mode. I suspect this is just a flaw in the digitiser of my device which was okay in Oxygen 9.0.6 before installing UT.

    There is also difficulty pressing the 'p' and 'return' keys in portrait mode too. Sorry...just wondering!

  • @shapley

    Nope never go this issue, if you use ubuntu tweak app, you can change the sensitivity and maybe find a sweet spot.

  • If the spots you are having a hard time "pressing" remains the same in any orientation, then it's a probably an issue with your display. Try downloading Finger Painting and check if you'll see spots you can't draw on. The edges would still be hard to draw on though since they're reserved for the system gestures.

  • @shapley
    Have you tried with your phone upside down ?
    If it's a hardware issue you won't be able to swipe from left but it should be OK from the right.

  • Thank You Ernest... it seems all I had to do was set the 'Edge drag areas width' up to '6' in the 'UT Tweak Tool' and now it works fine. Worth knowing in future.

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