How long is Nexus 5 going to be supported?

  • as mentioned in the title, which devices will be droped after ota 12? which devices will be "LTS" devices? I have a nexus 5, 7, opo and op3. what will be there life time? Thanks for information. (I am used to keep a phone more than 5 years if possible).

  • The developers have expressed a few times that they will try to keep supporting devices as long as possible. Your Nexus5 is currently even being updated from the legacy port to a Halium based one. So for now, no need to worry.

    However, the main problem that will lead to devices being dropped at some point are legacy ports without source code and ancient pre 3.4 or 3.10 (I think) Linux Kernels.

    But for those devices there will be ample warning time.

  • Will my Nexus 5 update automatically to OTA 12 or do I have to use the installer?

  • It will be downloaded and then there should appear an update notification. You click on it and then install the update from system settings.
    Thats ofc only if you are using UBports already now. Older Canonical installations wouldn't update automatically.

  • @ToxyPoxy If you won't get a notification - go to settings > updates.
    The installer isn't needed.

  • Perfect, sounds good to me!

  • Indeed, Nexus 5 is still a « promoted device » and is a mostly used smartphone with UT. (And it works really great 👍)

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