Wifi and Hotspot not working (Solved)

  • Since update this morning, my wifi and hotspot do not work. Clicking on wifi under settings takes me to a button to view previous networks. No way to connect to new networks. Also, turning hotspot on does nothing. Noting will show up on the computer.
    I am running Oneplus One RC Mode
    Ub Ports 20200428-12824

  • @Edward-Wilhelm Have you restarted the device? You could try moving to dev and back see if that fixes it or rerun through the installer without wipe of course. All obvious I know but might work.

  • Oneplus One has a race condition in which sometimes the wifi driver is not loaded correctly. A reboot should fix it.

  • @Flohack
    I did several reboots and it finally started working, thanks.

  • I also just installed UT on a OnePlus 1.

    The WiFi is SUPER buggy right now. Usually doesn't connect. If it does, I have to do it manually.

    If I connect it, and go to another app, it asks for a WiFi password again. Signal strength is really low also, and I'm not far from the router.

    Could this be a permission issue? I rebooted, did a factory reset, etc. I also toggled airplane, Bluetooth, etc.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Nathan123 No, in general WiFi works very well with the OPO, I used it as daily for 3 years, WiFi was the smallest issue of all 😉 - But, e.g. it wont connect with Cisco hotspots, this might be a driver or wpa_supplicant issue due to the old network manager. But so far nobody found time and motivation to upgrade our network manager properly. Still looking for someone with debian pacakging skills...

  • @Flohack Takes a long time to learn debian packaging skills? I'm a techie...but not a coder. I have learned some HTML though. So I'm just curious how long it would take to learn something helpful....

  • @Nathan123
    You can try and join "UT bootcamp"on Matrix for help starting.
    About how long, it really depends on the time you can spare, your motivation and what you already know.

    About the helpfulness, it depends ton your goal ; if it's about being helpful to the community it can be fast, if it's about being helpful as a porter or a developer then it can take months...

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