Can we have a mailing list, as we have with <>

  • Hello,

    I have registered here, but I'd like to re-iterate as I did in tg: Could we have as well a mailing-list like we have (had) as This would allow: (1) fetching mails and than reading/answering mails while offline; (2) create a private archive of interesting posts and using this offline; (3) usage of a good MUA and a feature rich text editor, and not such browser based stuff; ...



  • @guru, on one hand is in general a good idea to have a mailing-list for a free software project, on the other hand it has the danger in this particular case to stretch too thin an already thin community.

    So my vote is "whatever the majority wants".

  • @guru I agree that a mailing list provides a type of interaction different from the forum and the Telegram group, and that it would be good to have it, if posssible.

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