Suggestions - left hand friendly launcher + widgets

  • i am finding the new launcher only home screen uncomfortable to use, now we dont have app links on home; being left handed i hold the phone in my right hand, stretching my thumb across the whole screen is difficult when using only one hand, if we can have an option flip it over to the right side of the screen, that would be really helpful! i realise this may complicate swipes for changing app focus

    also, reading through a few posts here, it seems that there are no plans to allow widgets etc on the 'home' screen, is this really true? being able to quickly see info like calender, weather, news and other things, at a glance, is a pretty important function for most people i think

  • @pixelated You could try using Sprint. It is available in the app store

  • If i'm right i see Marius demo about having the launcher on the right, so this seems to be a WIP

  • @pixelated
    You should open an issue on ubports git in order to ask an invert otpion for phone horizontal gestures and launcher.
    Maybe it would not be so hard to do and add the option in setting app.
    If @dobey or an other dev see this topic he could say.

  • @Keneda It is not easy. Re-orienting QML animations and such can be quite complicated.

  • @lduboeuf, Marius' camera was reversed on Saturday's Q&A

  • @dobey
    THX for answer.
    It could nevertheless be a good feature as left handed people are quite ignored for so many stuff.

  • @Keneda Not sure that's entirely true. Assuming everyone who is left-handed holds their phone and tries to use it one-handed with their right hand, based on on person, doesn't really work.

    For example, I am right-handed and tend to hold my phone with my right hand when doing simple things that shouldn't need two hands.

    By no means is the launcher/drawer perfect, but I don't think a setting to swap everything around solves the problems with it. It only makes those problems more complex. Fact is that modern smart phones are just not designed to be used with one hand, regardless of platform.

  • That isnt true, although both iOS and android have onehand specific options, they are not really needed anyway, essential functions are not on the far (side) of the screen - the ones that are, can be moved

    spend 5 mins on public transport or on a busy oedestruan street, and you quickly see how much people depend on the ability to use a device with just ome hand

    i like the launcher allot more than the app options, nicely designed, but that is a major design issue imo

    edit: to complicate matters, being able to swipe from the right side of the screen to switch apps, is a great feature, difficult to see how that could be gracefully changed, without simply forcing 2 handed use again (samsung side bar is a nice solution, with a small area to drag it out (the launcher), while another part of the edge could do apps (thinking out loud)

  • @dobey said in Suggestions - left hand friendly launcher + widgets:

    For example, I am right-handed and tend to hold my phone with my right hand when doing simple things that shouldn't need two hands.

    I'm right handed and do the opposite.
    But maybe that's because i'm goofy lol.

  • @pixelated
    In UT we have long and short swipe from both right and left sides.
    Inverting the drawer will just invert the problem.

    I think what is asked here is the same thing as "I wanna go home".
    There are two main drives that I see in this kind of requests:

    • First is the will for customization
    • Then there is the comfort of what is known (frequent comparison with Android)

    About the first one having choice is nice but having something working is even better. And customization requires lot of work to extract a generic API exposing in a secure manner the various aspect that people might wanna customize.
    Customization and security don't get along very well, it requires persuasion to make it work 😉

    About the other one I know people having used both iOS and Android and they all wish some features from one system and others from the second. No one will ever be happy with what he's given.
    But the best is try and choose what is the best for one self.
    Of course suggestions are welcome, it helps improve our system but there are tough choices to make.

    Mine is stability over showing off.
    Android is all about showing off, new features, new UI, new UX but always with lack of stability.
    What I like with Linux on my computer is stability I want a system I can rely on to do the job and thus allowing me to do mine.
    That's the same with my phone.
    In this manner I like how UBports made the choice of working on behind-the-scene features with what I consider a small meaningless UX change with the app drawer.

    The feature request is interesting IMO but I think what the foundation is focused on is catching up with 20.4, increase stability and better ports.
    Customization will be a priority some day but I guess it's up to volunteers to make a proposal if they want to be able to add new UI/UX alternatives.

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