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  • I wish that there were more tablet options for UT. I have been working on having a tablet that is usable as a device to surf the web; just want something to read online magazines.
    I have tried Android with many browsers and any numerous variations of settings to get some kind of unusable font size consistency and readability but I have had zero success.

    I want to have a Linux tablet. The Pinetab seems to not be a viable solution yet, installing a Linux distro on some type of tablet seems to be a Quixotic adventure. Why there isn't one or two 8" tablets that can run some sort of Linux available is a mystery to me. It's a common request on many a forum. (a 10" tablet is not an option either, I find it way to large and heavy to use as a hand held reader)

    I don't really expect a good answer or solution at this point, I'm just shooting in the dark. At our level of technology, an electronic magazine reader shouldn't be that difficult. If I pick up my latest issue of Discover magazine I can just read it, the font sizes are usable and consistent. Why not on an electronic device that I can setup myself? I was using UT on my phone for a while but it wasn't quite what I needed and find LineageOS to work really well for what I need in a phone (Nexus 4). However, no tablet options work well at all.

    Considering that there is some decent inexpensive hardware (Amazon Fire ?) maybe someone could look to the tablet arena a bit. I would try but I am no programmer by any means. Just offering a suggestion since the demand is seems to be quite large. If any one else has suggestions I am open to all, this is a problem I have been working on for several years and haven't been able to figure out a workable option.

    Thanks for reading my ranting

  • The only tablet I can think of is the Bq M10 which was originally sold when Ubuntu touch was first developed by Canonical. Maybe there is one on ebay with UT already loaded onto it you can buy. Other than that, I think you are out of luck until PineTab comes out.

    I'm not sure about other OSes though.

  • I think Pinetab is on the way to be soon available. Here's a brand new demo from Marius that runs UT on Pinetab as well as 2 days ago announcement:



  • @mooncosmique Dell Venue 8 runs linux out of the box. you could install UMix 20.04 on it - Unity 7 on top of Ubuntu. There are several X86 based tablets that run Linux well, but most require some work to get there. The Dell 8 doesn't require a lot of effort. Most of the others are 10" or larger, which you said you do not want.

    The Pinetab will be your best bet with ARM architecture. The HP Touchpad came with Linux, and still has a port of Lune (the successor to WebOS). But they are in the 9 - 10" range. Most ARM, and especially MediaTek devices, are all closed source and very hard to port if not impossible. A few that I think could be and are 8 inches are the ZTE Trek 2, and several of the LG Gpad series. But porting to Ubuntu Touch is harder to do than just putting Lineage on it. Having a Lineage build is a requirement to even try.

  • Thanks to everyone for your responses.

    I knew that the Dell could run Linux but I didn't know it could run it fairly easily. I think I will pursue that route, it's probably the most viable.

    I just got my hands on a NOOK HD+ and installed Lineage on it. After I posted I read the info regarding a how to build a port for a device, the requirement being that Lineage was available for it. I think it's beyond my skill set but I may try that as well. The NOOK had incredible display and decent hardware. I believe there had a been a UT build for it before.

    Again, thanks for your help. I still find it hard to believe that Linux on a tablet is not more available. There are no decent tablet OS at this time, it seems like a niche to fill.

  • @mooncosmique I just wrote a post in porting session to share my porting effort on Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet (10,1") but really usable and light. Have a loot at it, if it fits with your needs

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