Calling New PinePhone Owners

  • Hello to all the new "Piners" that have been receiving their PinePhone UBports Community Edition. We welcome you and would like to say that both UBports, Pine64 and also the broader community will benefit from your contributions.
    Get into the community conversation on Telegram: and on both the Pine64 web forum:
    and the UBports forum:
    Please also contribute by filing bugs at:

    #UBports #Pine64 #UbuntuTouch #PinePhone #Lomiri #Community

  • @UBportsNews Does anybody read the filed bugs? There are bugs there 4-5 months old, of pretty critical issues, with no response. I've filed a few but I have no idea what happens to them.

    I also moved over to the development channel, get a new update daily, but I see absolutely no progress in user experience. I guess a lot of stuff is getting done under the hood but in the end, if it doesn't result in any change for the end user, it seems rather pointless. The problems I had when I got the pinephone over a month ago continue to exist today, and they aren't insignificant ones -- no reception of texts, overheating during phone calls, loss of volume on phone, all apps except pre-installed ones getting "connection refused" messages.

    I mean, I wasn't expecting a daily driver, but as it is, my pinephone is hardly worth the effort to charge it.

  • @athansor Sorry to hear that! What could help you in this case?

  • @athansor I can assure you that there are works done for the pinephone. I'm sorry that you feel this way but if you have no patience for the development of the software then I guess the Pinephone and/or UT isn't for you. You may try other distros for the time being. UT development on the pinephone feels slower than others because it supports other devices than the pinephone so not all efforts are put into it. Also, improvements that you don't see doesn't mean they're pointless. They're the foundation of things the end users see and use.

  • In my opinion, the emphasis at the moment is on providing a strongest OTA-13. The developers of the foundation are working very hard on it with a few developers from the community, and I can see that by going on Github. I think the focus will shift to the Pinephone as soon as stable OTA-13 is released.

  • @athansor You could try here for info I don't have a PinePhone so can't help much. Although there should be a stable update channel available now.

  • @kugiigi said in Calling New PinePhone Owners:

    I can assure you that there are works done for the pinephone.

    I can confirm that this is the case, no other device porting is going so fast, maybe vollaphone, but i believe Volla is part of the port work, pine64 is not for PinePhone.

  • @C0n57an71n @kugiigi @Lakotaubp Thanks for your replies! I think my dissatisfaction stems in part from from the lack of people throwing out good workarounds for Stuff That Doesn't Work. I remember back in 2008, when I first moved my business onto Ubuntu, it had a lot of issues but I could almost always go on Ubuntu Forums, throw a question up, and somebody would have a workaround or two that I could try. These days, the user community is far more disparate -- on this forum, on the Pine64 forum, on Telegram, on Matrix, Discord, you name it -- and it's hard to track them all. So I'll throw something out on the Pine64 forum, get dead air, try another, until something clicks, if anything does. I'll try most any hack someone will give me, I'm just not smart enough to think these things up for myself.

  • @athansor that not not how it works here...

    But there are complications.

    First there is simply a smaller community than for ubuntu on a desktop so fewer people to have found those clever solutions.

    Then there is the OS architecture which is very different from a desktop version and not as flexible for modifications; but this also makes UT far safer from user error and thus more reliable as handheld computing device, this was a design choice from the outset.

    And on top of that the Pinephone is another layer of complications that I dont even begin to fully understand (it's complicated 😜).

    You will find people around here friendly, but solutions more sparse. But if you wait the OS has only been getting better, and I think bringing the Pinephone to daily driver status is high on the Foundation's goal list.

  • Another Pine Phone 64 user here who just received his phone 3 days ago. So far everything is working fine, battery life is so so but that's Ok as I know these things will be worked out. One issue I am having and I put a post in the Pine Phone forum is not being able to get my Mint Mobile SIM card to connect to the carrier even though its activated and I received an email from Mint Mobile stating as such.

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