root partition's size on different phone

  • After the nexus 5 mobile phone is installed with ubuntu touch, the root partition is only 2Gb, and I basically have no way to install any packages using apt. I checked some information and community posts, there is no feasible way to help make the root partition bigger.

    I have a few questions

    1. What is the basis for ubuntu touch to assign the root partition;
    2. If I install ubuntu touch with a large storage phone, does the root partition become larger?

    Advanced issues

    1. Is there any way to adjust the root partition as needed
    2. How to install opencv on ubuntu touch

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help

  • Apt outside of a Libertine container is a very bad idea so much so it got anther mention in a Q&A Libertine setup is in the System Settings if you want to try, but you probably no that all ready.

  • As mentioned, apt isn't really supported in UT because its rootfs is mounted as read-only. You can still use apt though and even resize the rootfs if you really want and accept the risk and consequences. In general, using apt won't break your device unless maybe you remove a vital package in the system. OTA updates may remove all your changes in the root or in rare instances perhaps have conflict with your changes and break your system.

    Anyway, if you really want to resize your rootfs, you can search in this forum, I believe there's a post with the commands on how to do it.