how to transfer contacts between an ota 15 version and ubport ?

  • Hi ! I'm french and my english is very bad. So sorry about that. I had a meizu mx4 with ubuntutouch (OTA-15 the last version support by canonical). Today I buy a nexus 5 and i have install ubport on it. I have need to transfer my contacts on the new phone (the nexus). I try to found a way to process on the french net but I think it doesn't exist...
    Can you help me ? please use easy words because my english is very very bad. For instance 30 mn to write this text !

  • It's simple. You can install Telegram, select all you contacts and send it to your telegram account. After you can open it and your contacs will be transfert in yoyr new phone.

  • I wrote a small booklet in English and Spanish which explains how to import and export contacts in OTA 15. I hope this has not changed in UBports. The booklet is here:

    Import and Export of Contacts English

    Importar y exportar contactos Spanish

    HIH and please let us know if it works in UBports too.

  • @GIEMME Thanks for your message. I've try to use Telegram but when I select my contact list in my old phone to transfere it in my compte Telegram. A circle blue appear and loading and loading and loading... And nothing...and

  • Just select all your contacts, than share it with file browser, (must be installed first), it will be saved in contacts.vcf, send the file to your mailbox. To restore, copy the file on your new device, open file browser and select the .vcf file and share whith contacts app. I did this way when I moved to Ubports.

  • About which contacts are you talking to move? The contacts from the app 'contacts' have nothing to do with your telegram contacts.


  • @shargar are you talking about phone contacts or email contacts?

    I'm assuming the former. You just need to copy /home/phablet/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db from your old phone and paste it in the same path in your new phone.

    Edit: I don't remember if you need to reboot your phone after that or not.

  • @shargar You can try to do this: Go to Contacts, select a contact by holding it, then you will be able to select it. Click on the check box at the top right and select all contacts. Then click on the "share" symbol and select from the "File Manager" sharing options (if you do not have the application, You can install the app). Choose where to save the vcf file.
    Then send it by telegram and open it in the new phone.

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