FluffyChat Encryption via Pantalaimon

  • I moved my homeserver to an other domain and know it works. Can't reprodue the issue... strange but happy that it works 🙃

  • For those interested I cooked up a minor update taking care of a few missing things and the bug with saving the configuration for the first time. It contains the same binary as before just mainly cosmetic. Click packages can be found at the link.


    I'm still working on chasing down the image loading issue in FluffyChat as well as getting cross compiling fully sorted. Progress continues.

  • @thrrgilag

    It works for me 🙂 (converser). I'll try a privacytools next.

    It works so great! What do You think about publishing it in openstore or creating a github/lab/whatever release page to make it easy to watch and find newest version?

  • @BigB said in FluffyChat Encryption via Pantalaimon:


    It works for me 🙂 (converser). I'll try a privacytools next.

    Awesome, glad to here it!

    It works so great! What do You think about publishing it in openstore or creating a github/lab/whatever release page to make it easy to watch and find newest version?

    I want to get cross builds working properly prior to getting it published in the openstore. At the moment you have to build the binary on device prior to packaging which isn't all that ideal.

    It is already open source, available on sourcehut. https://sr.ht/~thrrgilag/pantalaimon-ut/ Any contributions in the form of patches, bug reports, etc are greatly welcome.

    In terms of watching for a new release, you can subscribe to a RSS feed of the project (you can find one on the refs page for example) or there is a mailing list I setup to recieve patches which I can post announcements to. I'm also wiling to post announcements here or start a new thread in the forum to follow if folks prefer? I'm pretty open to suggestions.

  • chat.privacytools.io works too 🙂

    Is there any way to properly log out?

    I log out from fluffychat but I still see "pantalaimon" device in my account.

    I just deleted device from other seesion and reinstall pantalaimon

  • @BigB pantalaimon currently doesn't have a way to logout and remove itself so you pretty much need to delete it from another session in the way you just did.

  • Just my personal opinion: I'd suggest skipping the cross-compiling for now and focus on publishing the app to the Open Store, maybe with a bit of polishing first. I have tried to do the cross-compiling once and it is not straight-forward. Btw, the links on your releases page give 404ers.

  • @jonius I wasn't sure how the gatekeepers would feel about it given that it's an unconfined app. But I suppose it's still worth spinning up the conversation at least with them and work through the process.

    Thanks for letting me know about the 404s. Looks like it's a glitch with sourcehut, I'll chase that down with Drew. In the meantime I setup an alternate download location.



  • I've published another minor update. This release includes additional homeserver settings for http proxy and ssl verification. It also now has a global setting to update the log level to assist with troubleshooting.


    I'll be reaching out the OpenStore folks later this week and see about getting it reviewed and published. Then the focus will be on getting the interactive features wired up.

  • @thrrgilag Thanks! Works great on my nexus 7 stable and nexus 5 RC

    The strange thing happens when I test it on another nexus 5 RC and nexus 7 RC (in general I have 4 devices), apps crashes I mean - flfuffy frezzes and logs out from account
    I was searching for the reason and... maybe it happens when device powers off, casued by critically low battery. This is what happened on both mentioned decices and after this situation fluffy stopped working
    (reinstalling both apps and clearing data didn't work, so only OS reflash may work...)

    For everyone interseted in matrix on UT device, with new qt web engine avaliable on RC, you can create simple webapp, there is no notifications and it lookls like desktop version but for now it may be alternative for devices where fluffy/pantalaimon crashes. Video and Pictures work, I'll test calls later.

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