[Request] Independent SMS and MMS encryption

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    I care about encrypting everything and let's say privacy 🙂
    That's why I had been using Silence as my sms app before I switched to Ubuntu Touch.

    It is not the best example but i focused mostly on its functionality.

    I really miss this feature in Ubuntu Touch.


    Is it possible to create cross-platform app with independent sms and mms encryption without any account


    Here will be the solution


    Here will be important information like limitations, progress

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  • @BigB
    Well, you don't need any account to use signal as well.
    We have Axolotl client for signal in the open store.

    SMS and MMS encryption is not really possible. If you write to someone without a compatible app, the SMS or MMS will only be gibberish. So you need something else to exchange keys and insure that the communication is secure.

    The only difference that Silence offers is that you can save your data in using encryption over SMS...

  • @AppLee
    Thanks for fast reply 🙂

    To use signal I have to register my phone number.

    Actually I use sms for instant messages with my familly, I realize that it is not comfortable for everyone but I try to avoid unnecessary registration and popular solutions (because governments of couple countries do have tools for spying. Having less popular solution even if it is fork may be better for privacy)

    Manually Sharing kees by e.g. qr will be ok.

    of course I know matrix but I wait for full e2e support in fluffychat 😉

  • @BigB
    Well with Silence, you also had to register your phone number, that's how it knows which users can use encrypted messages.
    Silence uses Signal's encryption, so no sweat if one is vulnerable, the other is too.

    As for Matrix, you can read this thread and try it out.

  • @AppLee
    maybe You are right 🙂

    however silence is just an example of project, maybe not the best. Unfortunately I'm not developer (yet) so I can't start this project...

    For now I mentioned Axolot as temporary solution

    If I understood correctly axolotl can send encrypted sms and mms to other signal members without internet connection?

    I just have given a try pantalaimon and it works good with fluffychat, thanks 🙂

    However I'm still interested in sms and mms encryption even it has to be only between Ubuntu Touch devices.

  • @BigB said in [Request] Independent SMS and MMS encryption:

    However I'm still interested in sms and mms encryption even it has to be only between Ubuntu Touch devices.

    That has to be developed.
    And my guess is it will take time until it becomes a priority, but if someone with technical skills and will wants to work on it that will be welcome.

    Axolotl is a client for Signal, I don't really know if it can send encrypted messages without internet connection (but I doubt it).
    Maybe if @nanu-c comes around here he might answer that and maybe add this to his todo list.
    You can check Gitlab for existing feature request or make one: https://github.com/nanu-c/axolotl/issues