@haveaniceday said in Encryption and vpn: What do you think? Do you know how we can receive a passphrase during boot time via user interaction? PostmarketOS uses OSK-SDL to accept encryption password input on touchscreen devices during startup. If you're good with C++, you might have a look at the code on Gitlab. I'm still slowly working my way back into coding after many years of only scripting and am sadly not up to the challenge of seeing how that could be integrated to the Ubuntu Touch boot process. Bear in mind that even if you can unlock a crypt on startup, integrating this into the UBPorts installer is going to be another large challenge. @haveaniceday said in Encryption and vpn: Maybe those files are what you are looking for: https://github.com/ubports/unity8/blob/xenial/qml/Components/PinLockscreen.qml https://github.com/ubports/unity8/blob/xenial/qml/Components/Lockscreen.qml Thanks, I'll take a look. Maybe it's not too hard to integrate a counter there and link to a shutdown or nuke script.