• I don't think @C0n57an71n was pointing fingers at anyone in particular.

    I agree with @Fla, about focusing on stability over new features.
    And I believe that's what is done.
    That's why I see work on upgrading QtWebEngine for a better Morph in the incoming OTA13 and no super gadget feature to sort the icons in the app drawer.

    I think we're on the same page, but as @Fla points out there are still issues. And some of them can be really annoying for the end users. But as @dobey mentioned there are some bugs more tricky than others and some are hardware/device related which is harder to fix...

    @C0n57an71n is right, people coming here with a problem shouldn't act like angry customer shouting about how their coffee is either too hot or not enough. That is unfair.
    We're a community and as such we contribute : opening issues, finding how to reproduce it, testing, coding, translating, ...
    for the greater good.

    Now maybe we have to find a way to show what effort are made to improve everyone's experience with UT.
    The foundation has a major role to play, but the community has IMO an even bigger role because a handful of paid developers will never make UT great alone.

    And like sang a great philosopher:

    If you wanna make the world a better place,
    take a look at yourself and then make the change.
    @MichaelJackson in Man in the mirror

  • This is a great thread, one of the kind why I value and support this community.
    I think part of the problem is the way how UbPorts communicates the "big picture" strategy and the other part is the "mindset" of many new UT users.
    For someone devolping UT this path forward is reasonably clear, even if it means taking backroads and dealing with unexpected obstacles. For many new users coming from Android or iOS, UT may be conceived as a mediocre alternative for the seemingly "all inclusive and free" (please note the hyphens!) solution to their problems. These users may be better off to continue using android or iOS to meet their needs and I think it is fair to communicate this directly (e.g by closing such threads).
    Then, there is the group of enthusiastic users who are willing to change their mindset and leave the "dark side" without having any clue of software development on smart phones etc. (I am one of them) and may only be able to contribute to the project financially but not in terms of skills or time. For these users a less defensive, off-putting attitude to these questions may be more encourraging. I am using UT as my daily driver on FP2 and N5 and I am typing these lines on my new PineTab, which I received yesterday. I think it is a wonderful piece of community built hard- and software and already meets 75% of my personal use case specifications (despite e.g. a known copy past bug in the file manager), which is more than I expected. I received an OTA to version 5 today but I have no clue which issues were supposed to be fixed (relative to version 4) so that I could specifically test them (same for the pine phone). I think here we are missing an opportunity to get potentially interested enthusiastic but unskilled new users involved.
    I understand the decision to not use the milestones on github for OTA releases to take of perceived pressure of the dev team but some "relative" timeline or priority list, understandable for non-dev users, may be helpful to frame expectations of this (apprently growing) part of the user community and avoid many posts on this topic in the forum.

  • @nogoogle I agree that it would be nice to have a way to check what has been fixed in the latest UT release. Apps already announce it with the update in the update tool. I am not sure why it's not included, perhaps there is a good reason. It could be that the details would only be readable by someone who is involved in the creation of UT? If it also can be interpreted by the layman, such as myself, it would help if the details were published, so users can check if it works.

  • @Alter I think that in most cases it is the amount of changes that would need documenting. Leave it with me and I will check on your offer for which Thanks.

  • @Lakotaubp Thanks for looking into the possibility of publishing the details!

  • OH WOW ! Airplane mode is fixed in OTA-13 ???! Well I think that's all I'll remember from this thread ^^

  • @Emphrath it isn't, it's fixed in the Halium 7.1 port (see this thread) which isn't the official port at the moment.

  • @nogoogle
    Like you I am one those keen to avoid mainstream software but absolutely clueless about the technical aspects and hence unable to contribute to development. For that reason I am all the more grateful for the work done by the developers, (whose numbers I do not know but suspect are very few,) to provide us with the means to achieve freedom, and would not dream of criticising the lack of some features. After all the project is still under development.

    Having said that, it would be beneficial to have some detail on this page
    of what features work for each device so that informed decisions can be made by anybody considering Ubuntu Touch. I daresay it is one of those matters for which the personnel and resources are too limited to implement.

  • @Fla Oh I thought OTA-13 shipped with halium 7 ? Is 7.1 a different matter ?

  • @Emphrath OTA-13 bring some core refactors to help halium 7.1 ports. Each device still has to be ported on Halium 7.1 instead of 5.1. The port for the FP2 exists but isn't the official one yet.

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