OTA-13 on Meizu Pro 5

  • Hey everyone,

    how do I get OTA-13 on my Meizu Pro 5?

    When I flashed UT on it a while ago, the flashing description said, OTA updates would be possible. But since OTA-13 is available now and my Pro 5 doesn't find an update, I wonder what's wrong or how I can manage to get the update on it...


  • @jojumaxx where is the announcement? I checked my girlfriends phone, she has a N5 and there was no update to it either.

  • Are you positive OTA-13 has been released at the time of writing? Nothing has been announced in the UBports News Channel as of yet.

    But even after it has been released, the OTA is made available to a small and random set of devices first, which increases as the week progresses. This has several reasons. A gradual release gives the project time to stop the upgrade if it turns out that a serious regression has slipped passed the QA Team. Also it distributes the load on the update servers.
    EDIT: while the above is true, it has come to my attention that it is not a reason for the gradual rollout of the update.

    If you are on the Stable channel, keep an eye on the UBports News Channel and then hold tight, you will be eventually notified that the update is available for your device.

  • OTAs are usually deployed gradually so it may take some time before your device gets the update. Before, it was in a span of almost a week but I think recently it's just a day or so. You'll get it eventually don't worry unless there was a critical bug found and it was recalled.

  • Dalton said on Telegram today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-13 has been released at 1% phase for testing the upgrader. If you're chomping at the bit to upgrade your device on the stable channel, you may run sudo system-image-cli --progress=dots -p 1 to get the update right meow.

  • At the time of writing I already had the update installed on my Pinephone UT.

    I just got the announcement that says, the update comes for several devices within the next days.

    I apologize for having been asking too quickly.

    I wasn't aware aware there was an announcement to come yet. I just wondered why the Pinephone already had the update while the Meizu didn't even find it.
    I wondered if there was something wrong with my Meizu or if it's not supported any more.

    My apologies once again. Next time, I'll give it more time...

  • @jojumaxx you got OTA-13 on your PinePhone? The actual OTA-13 on the stable channel?

    I wasn't aware the updates for the PinePhone had been harmonized with the other devices. Last I checked we were in OTA-5 or 6 on the PinePhone. 🤔

  • @jojumaxx As far as I know, the updates on the Pinephone is still separate from other devices so OTA-13 isn't really relevant to the Pinephone or Pinetab. In fact, many of the fixes and features in OTA-13 have been on the stable channel of the Pinephone for quite some time already 🙂

  • @jojumaxx mine Pro 5 just got an update to OTA-13 today, Wait, you'll get there.

  • @arubislander @kugiigi

    Actually I did end up accidentally tagging an OTA-13 image for the PinePhone. So it was possible to update the PinePhone for a short time and end up with the text "OTA-13" in Settings -> About

    The tag doesn't have anything to do with the version number. It's a bit of text that could be set to anything. Much like devel images are tagged YYYY-MM-DD and rc images are tagged YYYY-W## with the week number.

    I just happened to make an OTA-13 tag on the PinePhone channel. If you're interested, it's image version 7. So "Version 7" would appear in Settings -> Updates and "OTA-13" would appear in Settings -> about after it was installed.

  • Thank you all for your patient answers. In the meantime I got the Meizu Pro 5 update.

    I'm sorry, I'm still pretty new to this. Since there was an update available for the Pinephone, I was thinking, that the updates go hand in hand for all devices.

    Now reading these statements, I realized, it is version 8 on my Pinephone (Updates -> Recent updates). Is there something wrong with that now? I'm not sure, after reading the post right before this one. In the "Info" Panel -> Software it says "Ubuntu 16.04 (2020-09-18)".
    "OTA-13" is nowhere mentioned. If that's incorrect, can I fix it? Or am I on devel now? How can I see that?

  • @jojumaxx

    You are fine. If you didn't change channels yourself you will still be on Stable on your PinePhone. The update tagged OTA-13 was number 7, you are now on number 8. This was probably pushed to remove the OTA-13 tag, as that was sure to cause confusion, as it has for you.

  • @arubislander Thank you very much for clarification

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