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  • Anyone else trying to use Wire? I have an OPO and I thought Wire was working fine on the phone. For the past few weeks the app/webpage both open up weird now... the menu page on the left permanently takes up about 2/3 of the screen making the message writing and viewing side pretty much useless. I've tried going through the web and the app with the same unfortunate result. Rotating the phone just makes it get more creative. I think it still functions, there is just some sort of page scaling issue or something. I have zero experience with this OS and coding in general, so sorry for the vague bug report! Maybe someone with a few skills knows about the issue. Thanks for any input!

  • @El-Franko

    Having the same issues here on a Nexus5 with Ubports OTA-12

    I also have an issue when I want to open the app again:
    I need to re-login and it tells me the I am already logged in in another tab.

    In short: the app is currently not usable and logging in via web-browser is not supported...

    Wrote a review in Openstore hopefully the dev finds time to figure out a workaround.
    You should vote and write a review too!

    Currently (in 10/2020) there is only Telegram aka Teleports usable on Ubports.
    Signal aka Axolotl Beta is only "kind of" usable in daily life, but missing push notifications.
    Element (Riot.im) aka FluffyChat I could not make to work, its somehow very nerdy, even for a nerd...

  • I am the one that posted the current webapp in the Open Store for Wire, but unfortunately I don't have any coding skills, I just used Webapp Creator to link to Wire's web version and to change the user agent to allow logins on the older version (pre-OTA13) of Morph. What the webapp could really use is someone that knows how to work with css to make the page display nicely on phone form factors, as well as someone that can make sure the user agent and cookies are working properly to allow logins to be remembered. It would be really great if Wire could be made to work better with UT - given that they are one of the few encrypted messaging services to provide a web based option seems to me it just needs a good webapp developer to make it happen. I would be glad to contribute to any bounty given towards making it worth the time of a coder for this.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • Hi Steve

    How hard is it to adjust the css ? I can ask my wife, she is pretty good at it, but where would I find the code to do so. I am still confused on how to create and test webapps for Ubports.

    BTW, just figured out that the "I need to re-login and it tells me the I am already logged in in another tab" issue comes from wire, since I have the same message in Brave browser on Linux.

    About a bounty program, I am in with 50.-- Euro (should we make a bounty program in the OpenStore 🙂

  • @magdesign said in Wire for messaging:

    should we make a bounty program in the OpenStore

    Hi, if I'm correct this idea was answered in an older Q&A.
    Maintaining such feature within the OpenStore is something we're not ready to do.
    There are solutions out there, so I guess it will be best to look out for those solutions and see how dev react.

    You can post the link to those bounties in the forum, but the foundation is not involved in any financial transaction between the community and developers.

  • I find it odd that both the webapp and logging in through the browser give me the same unusable screen/frame split. I wish there was a desktop mode I could use. I thought that the browser would be able to work in a desktop mode with how much convergence was mentioned on the UBPorts site. It's really unfortunate but I am having a hard time finding anything I can use the phone for, beyond calls and basic text messages. Roadblocks all over the place for my basic skill set.

  • @El-Franko
    I'm sorry you found so many roadblocks.

    The problem you mentioned with the webapp or the browser all came from the website, not from UT. An OS cannot fix all websites' issues.
    Convergence is not something UT can force to third party. The app has to be built towards convergence to work.

    Freeing oneself is not an easy task and compromises have to be done.
    Try explaining what are the issues you have and we can try and help you out.

  • @AppLee I know this isn't the right thread to cover all my problems, but I guess I'm just disappointed. it took a lot of time to find one of the top two phones that were supposed to run UB Touch properly. took about four hours to get the software loaded, that process was very buggy (the website made it sound so simple). Then I quickly find out I can't even take a picture with the phone. I look up an imessage substitute that I can use on several platforms, and still communicate with my kids who don'y have phones, and it now the screen won't even scroll up so I can't even see what I'm typing. ugh!

  • @El-Franko continued... so through imessage substitute (Wire) can't run on the phone (Wire sometimes spits out a message saying the browser isn't supported). No other browservant in through appeared store. Holy crap this predictive text is horrible. I havr to stop and shut this off. “Havr”? That's not even a word! what the hell?! why would it use have??? good night for now 😞

  • @El-Franko
    Well the OPO is pretty well supported, and I think taking a photo should work.

    But dealing here with old devices, mostly used ones there are some hardware issues that can appear with time.
    In my case the installation was flawless and I expected it to be no that easy. But yeah sometimes there are issues with the host computer, with cables, ...

    Yes predictive text is not very good, that's something we are aware of but the foundation lacks resources to fix it soon, so it's up to a volunteer to accept this challenge.

    Sorry you have a bad experience.

  • @AppLee Nope, the camera is not functional on the OPO. I found out that is specifically mentioned in the documents as an unsupported feature. The focusing bounces all around and can't get a fix. A low priority item i guess. No way to sync contacts either is pretty rough... who involved with UBports would actually have their stuff with google, thats a polat opposite of everything else. Even the keyboard is weird... the settings don't apply to this window apparently as its doing its own this with suggestions and corrections. another minor thing- I though ok, since this is a nerdy set up at least i could habe a bit of fun and finally get a dvorak layout (apple never had one). sure, you can select dvorak in the settings, but having the word "dvorak" show up is literally the only thing that happrns. This typing and correcting is brutal.

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