How to connect two UT devices without internet?

  • I need to regularly connect two UT devices without using the internet. With other OSes, I just created a new Wifi network on device 1 (once) and connected device 2 to it. I could not find such an option in UT (under "System Settings" | "Wi-Fi").

    (Note: A solution with a cable would be interesting, but a wireless solution would be somewhat better.)

  • @sven
    System parameters ; you should have hotspot settings.
    On device 1 you create the hotspot. On device 2 you can then see the new wifi network (if visible).

    The hotspot is sometimes playful and you sometimes need to toggle the feature in the drop down menu and/or in the system settings.

    I never tested it since OTA13, so IDK if it's better, worse or the same as before.

  • @AppLee Would it work without internet? I think he wants something like Samba...

  • To clarify my question: Both devices should receive stable (local network) IPs and both IPs should have similar rights. The hotspot schema does not fulfill this, I guess. In general, this approach should allow for 3 or more devices that can open sockets to others in the same local network.

  • @sven Why not posting your question on the Matrix UBports channel as well?

  • @C0n57an71n My question is not related to Matrix, it is about good old "ad-hoc wifi networks" to be found in the network managers of most Linux distributions.

  • @sven I was talking about UT channel on Matrix 🙂

  • @C0n57an71n Oh, I misread your message. I will have a browse in this channel, but maybe a forum is a better place for such topics. Let's see. 🙂

  • The hotspot feature can provide what you need. You don't need to have internet connection. Note though that hotspot can sometimes be tricky to make it work but it does work 🙂

    I've actually used this setup before when I did app developments on my Nexus 5 via x-forwarding to my work laptop 😃 That was when RNDIS stopped working on xenial. I also use it for testing my apps to my other UT devices 🙂

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