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    What's the battery life on the nexus 5 like with ubports?

    My battery is absolutely shocking but I'm not sure if this is because I bought the nexus 5 2nd hand or whether it's some problem with ubports?

  • @ControlledCorpse said in Battery life:


    What's the battery life on the nexus 5 like with ubports?

    My battery is absolutely shocking but I'm not sure if this is because I bought the nexus 5 2nd hand or whether it's some problem with ubports?

    How much is 1 'shocking' in milliseconds?

  • @ControlledCorpse greetings. by me nexus 5 is 24 hrs. 30 hrs in silent-phone-mode (without dataroaming, active calling , no music ....)
    maybee, if its second hand maybe the battery is lame ?

  • @ControlledCorpse
    Hi, My 5 goes about 24hrs with light use. A few phone calls, little browsing etc. That has remained the same since flashing ubports.

  • 0_1503604464230_screenshot20170824_213925400.png

    You can see when you use it... 16h is normal.

  • Ty all ill get a new battery then

  • yesterday i start to play with my 2nd hand mx4. The Battery life is also not so good.

    I' really wondering if i play with the volume button and then wake up the phone, i can see the volumen changed grafic on the screen.
    I think my mx4 is not really in standby.

  • @Stefan Same on the E5 here. I think its by design to be able to control volume for media playback for example. No worries, all other things are sleeping tight 😉

  • Are there any options or setup points in the os to get nearer to the android battery life?

  • @Flohack I don't have much of an issue with the battery life on my E5. The one thing that I do have an issue with though is the fact that it takes ages for my M10 to charge. It can take 8 hours for a full charge.

  • My E5 can last 2 days in a "normal use for me". If to much call, screen or network use the battery will quickly be empty. I do activate the flight mode while I'm sleeping and that helps saving battery.

  • @UKPhil Mine usually charges from empty to full in a couple of hours. All though the other week left it charging for hours and nothing happened. I rebooted and all is OK again. I have noticed that some chargers are really slow ir don't charge it at all.
    I mostly use the charger that came with the m10 or one from a nexus7 tablet.
    Check the cable is OK and the fit on the usb into the device is solid, if not try replacing the cable.
    Or try charging a phone with the charger used for the m10 and see if that charges OK.

  • @UKPhil One other thing just thought off. If your using the m10 charger is it the europe two pin type. If so may be the adapter is faulty. Also checked my chargers and a lavolta lets power through but charges at next to nothing and so does one from an htc phone.

  • @Lakota I have the same feeling that the original charger of my M10 does not work fully with my BQ E4.5
    Do you have the needed pin layout? Thx


  • @guru Sorry should have been clearer. I was referring to the UK plug type for the mains electricity. UK is three pinplug, my m10 and E5 came with a European two pin plug so an adapter is needed to connect to the mains.

  • @Flohack yes they are sleeping well

    ![10h standby](0_1504988692933_screenshot20170908_164123061.png image url)

    after 10h in standby mode. thats fine i think.

  • @Lakota I seem to remember my m10 fhd going into boot loop when using a different charger with it,and then having to drain the battery, Then fully charge before it would work as normal. Maybe there is some kind of circuit protection in it ?

  • @Lakota Thanks for the comments. I only use another lead and charger now as the one it came with just did nothing at all. One thing you said did make me think though, the bit about your charge taking a long time, so you rebooted and all is ok. I try not to boot my tablet too much, but think I will do it a bit more to see if this helps with the charge.

    When in flight mode the standby time of my M10 is fantastic. It can go for days and not hardly move a fraction on the battery usage graph. So rather than rebooting all the time as I do not like the way that apps and scopes are not reopened when you turn on, I just put her in flight mode.

  • The battery performance on my OPO has become increasingly poor since a few weeks back (I'm on the devel channel). Yesterday I did nothing with the phone between 9am and 4pm, but kept cellular, wifi and bluetooth on, and battery dropped to about 40%. That's almost 7% per hour idle.

    I am updating OTA just about every day, but for the past couple of weeks the battery performance has been notably poor, while I remember it was more "normal" before that.

  • I have my mx4 full charged over night. I played around in the morning a littel. Then i take a look on the battery and it told me the battery is now 40%. This mean 60% in less then 30minutes.
    But the grafic shows near 100%. I reboot the device and then the battery is 98%.


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