Threema: secure messaging

  • As the pages show, our beloved UBports or UT is not supported. Is there any work in progress or investigations to change this?


  • I have used threema a long time ago but it is not open source so I convinced my family and some friends to switch to signal messenger. Unfortunately signal is not interested in working together with UBports so currently I ended up with telegram. But telegram also is not open source and encryption is weak. E.g no group encryption is available.
    Now there is light at the horizon with a federated open source and end to end encryptable communication system. This is what I want and with uMatriks there is the first rudimentary app available.

    So long story short: Threema is outdated, successor has been signal, but on the one hand they do not care about us and on the other hand there is a real leapfrogging with So I pledge for concentrating development, funding and support forces to make uMatriks a really useful app like

    In case of agreement and maybe anyway out of interest have a look at

  • i know this is quite old - but as the question (at least to me) is still quite up-to date your thoughts 2019 would be interesting.

    Friends of mine use whatsapp, threema, telegram and viber - i tried out riot/matrix (on sailfish (sorry) - thinking about pinephone as next devices)). Also i tried delta chat. Threema and whatsapp are most used.

    Problem is to find common ground - as i first of all don't want my phone book taken and second most dont see the point in switching (entering more then a phone number to start is soooo hard, and also no one uses it). Thats why i tried delta chat - but not sure so far.

    Anyways - as i am new to ubuntu touch i would like to know what messengers (prefered the "full package" - meaning, chat, calls, video) work or are planned with this os?

  • Yes this thread is far to old. Please post a new thread in Off Topic. Most people will miss this a new topic would be better.

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