BBC Login Problem

  • Since upgrading my M10 tablet to OTA 14 I've been unable to login to BBC News or BBC iPlayer from Morph browser. Have other UK users experienced the same problem?

    No problem from Firefox on my laptop. The BBC websites all recognize me as already logged in.

    All BBC websites I visit with Morph request me to log in. However, when I try to type my email address, the characters I type are right justified until I enter the @ character. This is inserted in front of what I have already typed. Thus it is impossible to log in.

    I believe I've had this problem in the past and the advice from @AppLee was to set Morph to desktop mode. This time that doesn't help.

    I've just checked my Nexus 4 which is also on OTA 14 and that is OK - I am still logged in to the various BBC websites.

    I've also checked my PinePhone and that's OK too - I'm recognized as already logged in.

    I'd like to resolve this problem as watching BBC iPlayer videos on my M10 tablet is preferable to watching them on a phone screen.

  • @dtarrant I tried this in desktop mode and if you just keep typing it works. Yes the @ appears in front to start with if you just carry on it jumps back to where it should be.

  • @Lakotaubp How bizarre! Your suggestion worked for me too!
    With Morph, I selected desktop mode and connected to:
    and entered my email address and password as you described.
    After that, I found that I was logged in to iPlayer etc.
    So workaround was successful. Many thanks.

  • @dtarrant Think it should work in normal mode to, but when it went odd just put it straight into desktop mode to test. Will try that later on today

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