OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features

  • +1 for updated browser ( possibly better webgl support on aquaris 4.5)
    +1 for nextcloud/owncloud sync of calendar and contacts)
    aethercast for aquaris 4.5 ( also possible in future OTA)

  • @RandomUser Have you tried this recent app?

  • @Anne017 Yes, tried it at release. It just didn't exist yet when I made my comment :-).

  • @Vehi_MV said in OTA 3 suggestions: your wanted features:

    Thanks to Marius we now have System wide adblocker for ubuntu touch: https://uappexplorer.com/app/uadblock.mariogrip

    Indeed. It should be upgraded to a core app showing up next to the browser icon in the next update, i think. 🙂

  • +1 Owncloud contacts sync
    +1 A stable device
    +1 Bluetooth working with a carkit
    Then I can use it as my daily device

  • Displaylink for screen mirroring

  • One feature that I think would be nice and help bring our OS up to where it should be, would be the ability to retain the apps and scopes you are viewing after a shut down. On my Android I do not have to reopen every app I want to use after a reboot or overnight shut down.

  • My no. 1 on this list would be reliable connectivity without the current hit and (mostly) miss for bluetooth, but also that I can trust that my wifi connection is active as reported by the status indicator.

    No 2: Browser and webapp engine that can handle most modern websites

    No 3: Fully working camera and GPS on OPO

    No 4: Battery life - it has gone really poor on my OPO lately

    My most important wishes, but I also want to thank all developers who work hard to not only keeping this important project alive, but also improve the user experience with every update. Great job!!!

  • Rotation lock configuration, not just let it blocked or not, for example, block for the program list but not for video while it's full-screen playing

  • Grouping icons, change wallpaper in Scope.
    Custom SMS sound.

    1. Capability to change the font and the size (I find it to be somewhat fine and small)

    2. Capability to close all open apps with a single gesture

    3. Re-position lower, the dialer and the contacts icon (ease of use)

    4. T9 dialing

    5. A forward/back gesture, where possible, to navigate opened apps. The back arrow to the top left of the screen necessitates two hand use especially on the larger devices

    6. Improved camera performance

  • 1- Remove ubuntu store.
    2- make open store replace ubuntu store.

    • other ideas concepts said before this post.

  • Maybe finally make the convergence mode work properly(e.g. app not crashing or closing, sound over Aethercast)
    More polishing of UI.
    And the most importantly fixing the most critical bugs in network connectivity (mobile, bluetooth, wifi bugs)
    That would more than suffice for Ota-3

  • I would like to see a stable os,with any minor fixes added as we go along,at a time interval that is suitable and is common knowledge for the users that want something that just works.works

    Like a Chinese knock off of a xiaomi 7 inch phone/tablet I have that seems to be indestructable,and just keeps going and going

    Maybe an alternative os (download), that has convergence,and the apps,to get started,for those that can use it and improve it, (maybe 16.04)

  • In order of decreasing importance:

    • stability and bug fixes in general.
    • bluetooth in general and in particular improve car kit support. I only know one working combination and it's sound quality is a nightmare.
    • re-add more of the missing canonical core functionality in particular some missing parts of today and nearby scopes (dayinfo (!!), holidays, where I am, etc) I understand that in long term scopes may not continue to exist the way they are now, but for now many facilities from the aggregate scopes are something that I miss in everyday use. They can be deactivated by default. But I believe the user should have the choice to switch them on if he wants to.
    • aethercast support. You don't always have a cable at hand and more and more TV sets support miracast natively. Why not use it when it is so close?

    Keep up the good work!

    • A feature to pin an object with symbol to the dash to be opened with standard program assigned to the object type
      (use case: ticket for public transportation is a picture so i want a symbol for it in the dash that immediately opens the galery with this ticket)

  • @rogier.oudshoorn
    To add to the nextcloud / owncloud request. Apps for Notes and Bookmars which are synchronized with the Cloud would be awesome.

  • @thepeter
    Don't know it's just a request, actually we can install it with ubuntu silo installer, but... it's a dangerous way to modify our system.

  • First, thanks for all the great work made on the OS by the ubports team, it's wonderfull !!!
    I would like to see juste a little improvement of the design, for exemple :
    return of translucidity of background of password in lockscreen with the clock and date on m10
    possibility to start on desktop mode on the tablet (allowing to have shortcut and folde on desktop screen)
    improvement of design of the scoopes for my video, my music...(size, presentation..) a little like it was on Ubuntu edge(or like the scope cinema by daniele)
    a new scope my doc with the same design
    a home scope highly customisable
    thanks for the translucidity of the scoope it's perfect
    different theme for the unity, like unity 7 (translucidity) and others
    different animation effects when opening app and having one gesture to close directly an app
    perhaps you have best ideas to make UT Ubports the most beautiful and customisable OS
    thanks for all
    hervé from france

    1. bugfixes;
    2. bluetooth (this is mandatory whit car kits due to many countries laws);
    3. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/1261191
    4. make fonts in notification indicator slight bigger and return to white (gray is unreadable)
    5. evaluate dekko2 as default mail client. Make optional gmail webapp
    6. https://bugs.launchpad.net/webapps-sprint/+bug/1389775
    7. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/camera-app/+bug/1442670
    8. add the ability to disable the scope star icon (so scopes are not accidentally disabled)
    9. Reintroduce at least today scope
    10. (If still in topic) https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1512494

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