Hellow I'm new here

  • I would like to switch from Ubuntuphone to Ubports My device is a BG E5 but I'm a bit affraid because it's the Phone I use all day. Are there any issues.

  • Welcome aboard first off. There should not be any issues if you use the Magic Device Tool. It has all you need and can back up your info. You will have too reinstall your apps after though. To put your device bq e5 inti fastboot mode its pressing power and volume up buttons together. That gives you a blank screen with fastboot in small writting bottom left of screen. Have fun theres plenty on the website and this forum to enjoy. ☺

  • Yes, the change to UBports on my BQ phone doesn't run into any problem. Everything works fine and I didn't experience any problem.

  • I ported my E5 over to UBPorts using the magic-device-tool, without any issues. I then installed to openstore also from the mdt. The process is quite simple and you should not have any issues with the E5. It looks and feels nice, but remember that it is not a core device (as yet, he says hoping) and as such you will only get major security updates, with the odd update, but not the latest UBPorts releases. There are no more updates for UT, so if you look at it that way, you have got nothing to loose by moving over.

  • I 've some more Question about the process.
    first I installed git hub on my ubutu pc. (done)
    Now I 've do download the magictool via pc and install it on my phone right using the Installscript ".sh" and run the Install command
    Than in have to reboot my System pushing the two buttons. And than after doing this I plug it into the pc right? not bevore!
    The device will reboot again and then I run the download from the device terminal not from the pc.
    And than I flash it. OK?
    You told me that this will delete all my apps on the Phone exept the basic ones.
    And than I have to reinstall Openstore first bevore getting the apps I need. Well i got some app which aren't on openstore but in Ubuntustore so thist store should not bee inactivated. Do I have to do all this work for every Update or release?

  • @Tobisch No its all done via the PC. Install the magic device tool on the PC and use the terminal. Look up the magic device tool pages on git hub or in your PC browser and all you need comes up.
    All other system and app update come straight through to your device.

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