Magic tool does not find my device Hello I got a problem running the Magic device tool my Phone BQ E5

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  • Hello everything went well after the second atemp. But there is no Today scope. Does someone know how I can get it back?

  • Today scope without showing day scope
    The info you need is all under the above heading in the Support section t. Although now the weather indicator has stopped working.

  • There is currentlY a bit of talk about how the Today scope is looking rather sorry for itself. The hope is that more will be added as most seem to miss the weather, however there is a problem with the apis.

  • @UKPhil FWIW, I downloaded the Indicator Weather app, which seems to work quite well...

  • Hello all,
    thanks for the information. I know the weather app an I use it already and yes it's really good. The new look since OTA 15 is more modern I think you did a good job there. It seams even a bit quicker and smarter.
    One observation. Sometimes the system stops working. It's frozen for some second and rarely Ubuntu makes a restart. this happens only in the scopes. I thought that this was a todayscope problem because I noticed it most of the times there with OTA 15, but yesterday it happened also in the App scope. it would be nice that this would not happen.
    But generally it works fine an I like it.

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