Meizu Pro5 fastboot mode locked

  • @tera I got this error:

    I also tried other commands and for instance the wi-fi AP seems to be set in auto-connection mode, even if doesn't work:


  • @matteo Try with sudo, just confirmed on FP2.

  • @tera nope, also with sudo it throws me errors....maybe, I was thinking I could try to flash the Canonical Ubuntu Touch version and then switch to UBPorts and see what you guys by the chance have the Canonical image to be flashed? Any OTA up to 15 would be good, I guess. Thank you.

  • @matteo

    ubuntu-device-flash touch --device=turbo --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu-pd.en

  • This post is deleted!

  • @stefano Stefano, in the end it doesn't work with the CLI method, it pushes all the files but then just after starting the recovery boot it, what I would like to do is the following:

    1. Flashing back the Flyme version with the unlocked bootloader;
    2. Flashing the UT Canonical version with TWRP but I don't know if this is possible, since I don't see any .img file in the folder you @Stefano pointed to me and when I tried from TWRP to restore from that folder it didn't work (confirmation needed, pleeeeaaassseeeeee);
    3. Checking if with the Canonical version the wi-fi and GPS are working as expected;
    4. If confirmed, I'll proceed by flashing the 15.04 UBPorts version with the UBPorts installer, checking if the working wi-fi and GPS are retained;
    5. If confirmed, I'll proceed by flashing the 16.04 UBPorts version with the UBPorts installer, checking if the working wi-fi and GPS are retained.
    6. If GPS and wi-fi will not work, I'm going to give up this time.

    Thank you guys for the patience.



  • @matteo You can't flash Canonical, nor Ubports version with TWRP, it doesn't work that way.

    So have you tried to wipe the phone, flash Ubuntu Touch recovery, reboot to bootloader, then reboot to recovery, then flash the Canonical image from terminal?:

    sudo ubuntu-device-flash touch --device=turbo --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu-pd.en

    If the Canonical image on your phone has trouble with wifi and GPS, then I don't know what's the culprit.

  • @stefano it doesn't work flashing to the Canonical version following your procedure. The error thrown after pushing the files is always the same:


  • @matteo Yeah, I was strugling with that as well, to be honest, I don't know how I managed to fix that. Maybe restoring the Canonical imagr from a .zip backup would be helpfull. I will provide one, but need to create one first, so wait a while.

  • @matteo funny enough, even mine Pro 5 failed to flash Canonical image now! Restoring lates OTA-15 now and creating a backup for you...

  • @stefano sorry for the inconvenience Stefano. I don't want to bother you so much....However, in the meantime I re-installed UBPorts OTA 1 but always same problems...when the wi-fi is working, if I toggle off the wi-fi and suddenly on, it does recall the wi-fi AP credentials, no problem; but if I reboot the phone then no way to make the wi-fi to read from the stored's a nightmare!

  • @matteo UPLOADING Canonical backup right now...

  • @matteo here you go

    Also once you restore the backup, try to flash ubuntu recovery and try again ubuntu-device-flash --touch --device=turbo --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu-pd.en
    It might reflash it and help with your problem. If not, try to flash ubuntu recovery, then reboot to Ubuntu and from within the settings you can reset it, it might help as well. Good luck.

  • @stefano I installed the Canonical version you gave to me Stefano, but as usual I have the same wi-fi and GPS problem also there unfortunately. I tried also with the ubuntu-device-flash from CLI but it throws similar error I attached before. No way to make this phone to work as expected with UT, considering that on Flyme it does work, thus it is very awkward.
    This was the last attempt from my side for now, I'm afraid. I will try again maybe later but without bothering you people again, enough is enough.
    Thank you everybody for the great support and in particular thank you Stefano, you were very helpful, I really appreciated 😉



  • sorry to hear that, it's very strange though. I find that is really a Meizu quality control problem, as they let slip some devices through with faults. Some users report mobile connection problem, overheating, etc... Well, hopefully we'll have a new devices for 16.04 and no more issues like this.(I hope for Oneplus 5, as I already bought one and can't wait for UT on it)

  • Hi guys, it's still me 🙂
    I was reading this bug post on GH for Cooler:

    It's quite the same issue I'm experiencing with my Pro5 and it seems that the @Marathon2422 comment on the NVRAM was right, even if on Flyme I didn't see any strange NVRAM-ERROR WIFI.
    Nonetheless, I will re-install Flyme to better check the matter but in the meantime I'd like to raise some questions: why on Flyme the wi-fi password is retained, while once installed UT it is not retained anymore? Doesn't the NVRAM, in case of failure, act in the same way for every OS installed on the same phone?

  • @matteo
    There are plenty of youtube videos,about. MT and NVRAM err x 10,what it is and how to fix, usually,caused by the flash tool and the wrong setting.
    not sure if it efffects pro5 the same way,if the file could be identified,and swapped for a working copy ?

    My M10fhd has this error, i sent it back to BQ,to get fixed, but it came back 3 months later,not repaired,it just sat in a mail room,and then was returned.
    Kind of reluctant to send it again.

  • @marathon2422 Thanks. I need to investigate the matter searching on youtube and better acknoledge the issue.

  • Sorry for hijacking this thread but as there are some Pro5 users here, can someone with a running device type this on the Terminal df -h /android/cache/ and paste the "size" output here

    Thank you!

  • @advocatux Updated: Pro5/turbo: (64Gb version UbPorts OTA-3): 496M (32Gb version Canonical OTA-15): 679M

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