Idea for WhatApp on ubports

  • @bq4.5 I can not imagine that your work contract requires you MUST have a mobile device with WhatsApp, and if so, I'd not sign such contract.

  • @revoltevidente you have made a very valid point here about the contacts you have. This is what I see will always be the issue if we as an is do not have a what'sapp app for our is.

  • If building a third-party app is not possible because Whatsapp policies don't allow it, why don't we emulate the official app on UbuntuTouch ? With AnBox for example, that we'll hopefully run once UT is upgraded to Xenial...

    -- Olivier

  • Infrastructure

    @oli.sax Anbox is not even Alpha stage, its a design study / proof of concept. The author seems not to actively work on it, sorry to say...


  • @Flohack
    Yes, since month no changes in the code.
    Looks like it's a dead project.

  • @Flohack Sad to hear that, but you are right there are no more recent development... Same for SFdroid : it looks like the development abruptly halted in May...

  • Funny enough today i was talking talking to a developer I know who also uses Ubuntu at home and I asked him why he does not have an Ubuntu Touch phone. His reply was simple there are some apps he uses that are not available on it. The main one being WhatsApp. This is a shame as we need people like him to help move the is along.

  • UKPhil, The question if or if not someone can organize his/her life w/o What's Ape, is somehow leading away from the real problem: There is no specification available about the protocol to talk to this service and due to the lack of this, there is no OpenSource client. And what the available closed app for What's Ape is doing "for" you (or better, against you) is not known. That's why I will not use it and will not use any device where this could not be removed from.

  • @guru as already said, I do not care if we have it or not as I do not use it myself.I just wish more people would consider trying Telegram.

  • @oli.sax , Flohack & WLBI

    At the EoD , Anbox wouldn't be a sustainable solution to run WA. Some month ago, I managed to make WA successfully work on Anbox/Xenial...but after a couple of weeks, it stopped suddenly... I upgraded the WA apk, reinstalled...nothing... After lots of retries I got an error message saying approx. "You have a custom Andoid rom installed, WA doesn't support...blabla..." .... End of the story.

    I totally agreed with all opinions and all that has been said on WA...
    Nowadays I some times use LoquiIM, which finally (voodoo magic?) stop displaying the sadly famous "decrypt error“ message after about 2.5 month...


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