• What is the lifespan of bq 4.5 battery ?

    Since OTA 3 update, the battery of my bq 4.5 run down much more quickly than before ? Is it a coincidence because my battery has 2,5 years ?

    Is your bq 4.5 discharge normally since OTA 3 ?

    Thanks everybody.

  • I confirm battery draining in BQ 4.5 since OTA 3. I have my BQ since October 2015. In December 2017 there was fewer battery loss, so I discard battery malfunction.

    There are no battery draining when phone is in sleep mode(screen off). It can stay 2 hours and only uses 1% battery (sometimes 0%). But there is a lot battery draining when screen is on (2% per minute). I have screen brightness at 25%, as I have before and there was fewer battery loss.

    I've executed 'top' in Terminal and there aren't processes using 100% CPU, they only use about 5%

    In another thread someone says to disable auto-rotation, I will try this

  • I'm testing now. It uses 1% battery every 5 minutes when screen is on, it's acceptable. In my workplace there are a lot of battery draining, perhaps battery draining occurs when there are bad mobile coverage.

  • Today it's using 1% per minute, it is too much. I'm connected through mobile data network. I'm playing Sudoku, it uses 20% CPU, 13% is pulseaudio process.

    Last day, when it only was using 1% every 5 minutes, I was connected through Wifi, but later I connected to 3G ant it was using same battery. Perhaps I must connect to wifi and then switch to 3G. It seems a bug.

    I will try to find out when phone saves battery and when it's draining.

  • I've opened an issue at UBPorts project in GitHub:

  • @manolollr what's you say is very interesting, thanks for your comments. I think so there is no battery draining when phone is in sleep mode. I'm only a user but i think maybe there is a lot of battery draining when CPU or processor meet a defined temperature, a threshold, when it become warm. And when we go to internet, the processor become more quickly warm than if we use a
    'basic' app. I notice that. Is there a command on terminal to see the processor temperature ?

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