Data privacy / Data leak

  • Hello,

    Simple question.

    I bought a Fairphone for ethic purposes.

    Now i want an OS that care about my data (I don't extand on the reasons).

    What about Ubuntu Touch ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • @leclem
    Privacy Ensured
    Although Big Brother and others in the world may wish to spy on you and steal your personal data - don't worry. With Ubuntu Touch - a safer system that respects your privacy - they will have nothing to see. Ubuntu Touch keeps you secure because most unsafe parts are blocked by default; the only way that the peepers and creepers can get a peek is if you invite them. We've got your back.

    No Backdoors
    Ubuntu is an open source software operating system. This means that everyone has access to the source code and change, distribute or copy it. That makes it impossible to install software backdoors.

    The Ubuntu Touch OS does not depend on the cloud and is also virtually free of viruses and other malware that can extract your data.

    From the website.

  • I think there is a minor exception for some devices concerning closed source device drivers/firmware blobs - isn't it? So choose the 'right' device...
    There are some minor bugs, but nevertheless it provides a nice user experience and without selling your data (by default).

  • Thanks a lot for your replies.

    It's seems to me a little bit easy. Like a pink poney in a peacock field.

    I am Computer Engineer curious/pationate about security and extremely sensitive about the DATAs M my datas.

    I will test this OS and add feedbacks but if someone have additionnals informations to provide us about security i will be happy.

    Thanks again.


  • Note that filesystem encryption isn't yet part of UBPorts. It is, however, possible to encrypt and mount disk images. Chrisc has a tutorial here on the forum on how to mount an encrypted home directory and on another site, he discusses random encryption of /tmp.

    I've not yet tested his steps for mounting the encrypted home, but I have successfully used cryptsetup. Note that this is not officially supported, and it comes with some risks.

  • @leclem Disclaimer: Our powers end at the driver / firmware level. Since no device on the market exists that has open-sourced the low-level stuff, you can never be absolutely sure whats happening there. They could send your position somehwere. They could tally your network usage and IP connection stats. etc. All that is out of our hands. But I think UT is the best alternative that is available and usable for daily, if you can live with not having all cool Apps,


  • Thanks guys.

    I've installed it and i started to test it with joy 🙂

    I will come back with somes feedbacks.

    Good job UBports Team !

  • Hi,
    If someone have advices to how monitor the interaction between my smartphone and the rest of the world i'll take it 😉

    Such as "netstat" command and/or Apps.

    It should be interesting to have on the official portal a sheet dedicated to this subject (privacy / data leak / how to progress on this topic).

    Thanks again.

  • @leclem There is not much difference to using a PC, so the phone will not leak more or less data than your desktop, if you have one.


  • @leclem To be independent from the devices visualization and OS, you will have to connect your device to a network (wifi) that you control and set up a packet filter that logs all in and out going traffic. Example projects: (good for router hardware and supports configuring the firewall with or (also for regular computers). This allows you to monitor the wifi internet network activity, but does not include the mobile network (baseband) activity.

    You would also configure a manageable wireless bridge/or connected switch to mirror all packages to your monitoring device to inspect the particular network traffic that you are investigating with something like wireshark.

  • @leclem : Hello
    Did you collect some information about this subject ?
    What's you feeling ?

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