@aenima said in Acces contact list with external computer:

@bolly yes i need to enter the password, and no, i don't see any light on the keyboard. Morevover, now the wakeup alarm doesn't work anymore, so i don't know the real state of the phone. The only thing i know is when i plug the phone on my computer, it mounts it with mdp, so i guess the phone is started.

If you don't see any light that makes you think that the keyboard and mouse are working, it's not working.

I've tried it with the e4.5 and the mouse doesn't work (I don't see the light), however with the tablet M10FHD the mouse does work (I see the light) and I can unlock it.

Sorry, I thought I remember connecting a mouse to the e4.5 one day and it worked, now I'm not so sure if it was wired or Bluetooth.