@kophamerla I use windows 7 (gamer back in time), so if you have a windows side, try this : boot your phone in normal mode, then connect it to windows PC via usb, attach ABD driver to the new device, then unconnect phone boot into fastboot and do the same boot in recovery and then again, attach adb Then run ubports installer I ran into an issue when installing ubports uTouch on my canonical uTouch MX4 where i lost adb when entering recovery. I tried hard to figure out what was the problem. 3 days later i found it was because when booting in the three differents "modes" of the phone, device that PC "sees" is not the same, so adb driver was not loaded for "recovery" device even if i attached it to "normal" device. Recently i bough an androïd N5 to put uTouch on it, that time i attached drivers from begenning to each "device" (windows even found drivers on windows update, wich it didn't for MX4, anyway...), and runned ubports installer without any problem, installing uTouch worked the first time i tried. Don't know how driver pairing works on Linux, but your problem sounds like mine, really.