This is an issue, since I installed ubports first time on my Sony Xperia / Dora. Sometimes, after updating ubports, the vibration alarm also is gone, but returns after next update.

I'd like to contribute analyzing this issue. Is there a developer, who can give some hints, where to look for? Any answer is appreciated.

I've made two snapshots of the media-hub logs; one, while the ringtone is playing when selected, and one with incoming call. Seems not much difference to me. The call is "playing" in a loop.

Posting the logs with LogViewer to past-bin did not work. Is there another way to provide the logs, except posting it here?

Just updated to latest ubports:
phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ system-image-cli --info
current build number: 510
device name: dora
channel: 16.04/arm64/edge
last update: 2021-10-21 14:40:52
version version: 510
version ubports: 20211017-3594
version tag: 2021-10-21
version keyring: archive-master
version device: 20211021-5780