Some caveats about this, quoting from the UBOF Telegram group: Marius Gripsgard, [20.11.18 21:47] [In reply to myii] thats the old one that wraps here Marius Gripsgard, [20.11.18 21:48] "here maps" Marius Gripsgard, [20.11.18 21:50] [In reply to myii] that has been removed, since here requre licensing Marius Gripsgard, [20.11.18 21:52] we are hopefully moving away from ubuntu location service and just use geoclue and qtlocation, and use the hybris platform myii, [20.11.18 21:52] Is it OK to use espoo in the meantime? Marius Gripsgard, [20.11.18 21:52] [In reply to myii] yeah should be ok Marius Gripsgard, [20.11.18 21:53] [In reply to myii] that will just use gps though, no agps support Key points: espoo uses HERE Maps, which requires licensing Lacks AGPS