Ubuntu Touch Q&A 26

  • Excuse my brevity and lack of YouTube link, I'm on my phone.

    It's time for the Ubuntu Touch Q&A again! This Saturday, April 14, at 1900 UTC we'll be coming together to answer all of your wonderful questions and talk about what's been going on for the past month!

    If you have any questions for the UBports developers about Ubuntu Touch or a related project, post them in this thread and we'll answer them live.

    We'll see you then!

  • @mariogrip wrote elsewhere:

    Xenial (phone) is still in the scope, I was expecting to be done with all the backlog bugs and most of the ota-4, but i was also expecting to have the first xenial rc landed, but due to my issues I have not been able to complete this.

    Unity8 is still in the scope, but has a lower priority then xenial (phone). Unity8 is somewhat broken on bionic due to Ubuntu (upstream) have removed the mir patch from mesa, this means none of the apps will work. We have to change this to using the wayland protocol for all the apps. But on top of this mir has bumped the abi/api version for miral so we have do some some work to get things building again. We will hopefully get this working quickly!

    I imagine that discussing the above is already on the agenda for Q&A 26. But if not, let me respectfully suggest discussing it.

    I'll add that I fully agree with the order of priorities outlined above, namely Xenial on phone being the highest priority, with Unity8 on the Bionic desktop being the second highest priority.

    But I'll also add that offering Unity8 for installation on the Bionic desktop will likely bring lots of attention to UBports, which, hopefully, will translate into more potential Ubuntu Touch users. So I hope that Unity8 on the Bionic desktop won't lag too far behind Xenial on phone.

  • Any progress with Anbox? Marius said that on his Pro 5 it now works also with mobile network. I only found the old anbox installer and that one as soon as is instaleed, it disable the mobile connection. Any chance to share it with us to help testing the Anbox on Pro 5? Thanks.

  • Trying my luck again - I believe you missed or skipped my question last time:

    @kalle-kruse said in Ubuntu Touch Q&A 25 | March 17, 2018:

    I am a daily user of the Signal app and would be interested in learning if anybody from the team has had any further contact with OpenWhisperSystems regarding support for making the Ubuntu Touch Signal app more stable and feature-complete. @Flohack mentioned something along those lines in https://forums.ubports.com/post/6379 .

    ❤ for all of you contributors to UBPorts!

  • @stefano
    What do you mean by "Old Anbox installer"? The only way I know of to install Anbox is https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/dailyuse/anbox.html

  • @unisuperbox Yes, this one, I meant image, but this version is not compatible with mobile/celular network, but Marius has a working one. He could share or update the file as the one listed is from 6.1.2018 and he probably uses newer version. We can test it and report back any bugs, it could be usefull.

  • hi, any news about the browser topic ? i've heard about QtWebEngine, QtWebkit.

  • Hi,
    I have another question about the browser. In a later Q&A you mentioned that the underlying Chromium based browser engine got an update. Does the Browser-App support WebAssembly now?
    This would make porting games from the Godot Engine over to Ubuntu Touch a lot easier.

  • Whats the name of the ubports mascot?

  • @hummlbach follow this link and all will be revealed. Well mostly and there's a wallpaper https://t.me/ubports_news/72

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