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  • I'm delighted to report that with help from @advocatux and @bhdouglass, I succeeded in getting my first webapp, NFB Canada, working and uploaded to OpenStore. The process was as follows:

    • run webapp-creator and complete template

    • run UT Tweak Tool to install .click package on my M10 HD tablet

    • test webapp

    • join Telegram OpenStore Group

    • submit webapp

    All this was accomplished on my tablet. The difficulties I experienced were as follows:

    • had trouble joining Telegram OpenStore Group. This turned out to be an issue with the UT Telegram app. When I switched to the Telegram webapp everything worked as expected.

    • I did try using the UT Tweak Tool to submit my .click package, but was unsuccessfull. This may have been because I hadn't yet joined Telegram OpenStore Group at that stage.

    • my first submission to OpenStore was declined as requiring manual inspection. Brian Douglass suggested that I needed to use the default profile since video_files wasn't needed. That fixed the problem.

    • each time I needed to edit my webapp-creator template, I had to fill out the whole pro-forma again. However I got better at doing that as I moved further up the learning curve.

    In case you are wondering why I chose NFB Canada as my target, let me explain. My first tablet was a Blackberry Playbook. This came with an NFB Canada app installed. I found that it was a wonderful resource. So I thought perhaps some of you UT enthusiasts might also enjoy it.

  • @dtarrant said in webapp creator tutorial:

    @bastos This topic is about webapp creator. Maybe you'd be better to start a new topic about clickable. I would be interested in that once I have got my head round webapp creator. Good luck.

    Ah. OK.
    But me as a real coding noob is exactly searching for a tool to create webapps. Maybe I should do it here: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/291/web-app-generator/27

  • @dtarrant

    Congrats for your first UT app !

    My first tablet was a Blackberry Playbook.

    Not surprised to see a PlaybookOS user here, nice (and solid) tablet with its similar UI similar to that of UT, several years ahead of the competition.
    I got two Playbook always running.
    Would be great to get UT on it.

  • @libremax Agreed. I still use my Playbook, great hardware and a really slick operating system based on QNX. UT could learn from its stylish UI design. The file-based photo app is really a joy to use. Problem is the browser is way out of date now and can't handle youtube. I've moved on and I love my UT tablet.

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