Unable to load Telegram or Dekko 2 in 16.04

  • I have just installed 16.04 on my M10 tablet, my One Plus One and my wifes M10 tablet. All looks good and on my wifes tablet and Telegram is working fine. However, on my tablet and One PlusOne Telegram and Dekko 2 is not working. Dekko 2 keeps trying to load and the blue circle keeps spinning and in Telegram I have to add my number again and when I click OK, the code does not come through as the blue circle just keeps spinning.

    Any ideas guys?

    How do I clean the files down in Telegram so I can install it again? I know there are two files that can be deleted, but I cannot remember where they are.

  • @ukphil I've moved this post to Support.

    Also you don't need to ask the same thing in more than one place 😉

    As I already told you, Dekko2 is under development for xenial, and it doesn't work for now.

    Check you are using Telegram app (xenial version) and if it still doesn't work, you can clean its cache and config files using UT Tweak tool.

  • this was posted before I read your post about Dekko 2 and someone saying 'As I have already told you' will only get peoples backs up..

  • @ukphil you need to have patience waiting for an answer, we all are volunteers here. Posting the same question more than once doesn't help anyone.

  • @advocatux I appreciate that and thank everyone on here, trying to keep Touch alive like i am.

    The one was meant as a reply to a previous post not a double question. Likewise, words said in a strong fassion or offensive can offend people and are not productive on a forum like this.

  • @ukphil of course "words said in a strong fassion or offensive can offend people and are not productive on a forum like this" but why are you accusing me of that?

    Can you tell me an example where I did such thing?

    English is not my first language, and I'm not aware of all possible double entendre or sentences with a double meaning.

  • @advocatux I do not wish to carry this on for ages but in your rey above where you said 'as i have already told you' i would class that as strong.

  • @ukphil yes, I said exactly "as I already told you" not "as i have already told you'" just in case that makes any difference.

    Is that offensive? Really? If that's the case, I apologize.

    I'll check that expression with some native English friends to learn more about it, because I didn't know it can be a casus belli.

  • Anyway now that things are sorted, i can confirm that Telegram is now working on the tablet, so it is just the One PlusOne where Telegram is not working.

  • @ukphil on my OPO Telegram works very well... I use xenial develop version

  • @ukphil It would be good if you explain what was the problem and how you fixed it.

    Please be more patient when others are trying to help you.

  • Not sure what i did apart from reboot it twice, reinstall and left it for an hour. After the install of 16.04 it was asking for my number to be entered again. However, after reinstalling Telegram it just went straight into it. Very strange.

    It is not a case of not being pacient when people are trying to help as i am always very grateful. It is more a case of being able to say when people offend you with what or how they say somthing. I took offence at the original statement. I come from a country where there is fredom of speach so i am used to being able to say. Lke others would if i offended them.

  • @ukphil just one thing, this is an international community with users from around the whole world, and for most of us English is not our first language.

    You need to keep that in mind, and also that everybody is offended for one thing or another. I bet you can find even someone offended by your username 😉

    So, please, keep an open mind, and try to not jump so quickly when the cause of your irritation is clearly a misunderstanding.

  • Regarding the question: I think getting the code sent and also the confirmation of it afterwards is a bit shaky on 16.04... On my nexus 4 i had to try it a few times... Me too got stuck on the activity indicator (spinning circle) a few times before receiving the code (by sms or another telegram client) and once after i received it... So perhaps try it a few more times...(?)

    Regarding your discussion: @advocatux is asking for efficiency (no matter if it was the case here or not) @UKPhil is asking for respecting each other (again it really doesn't matter if it was the case or not). I guess that's what you should hear from each other. And I'm sure you both will agree on each other!

    [Always only try to here what the other one is asking for - no matter how he's doing that. Disclaimer: not easy but very peacy (its a pitty this word doesn't exist... :))]

  • @hummlbach hey! I support efficiency AND respecting each other!! 😉

  • @hummlbach all is peachy in this new big global world 🙂

    @advocatux I have emailed you directly as I an sure that the users of this forum do not want to hear us talk about the English language and how it has more that one meaning for one word depending upon where you come from :-). Needless to say I accept that this is a global forum and that English may not be the first language for others. Likewise, you must also accept that as it is not your first language you may say things out of context (without knowing or intending too) that may cause offence.

    I consider this closed as Telegram is working and I know Dekko 2 has issues on 16.04. thank you @advocatux for your feedback on Dekko 2. Very much appreciated your speedy reply.

    To everyone who has helped me (most deferentially advocatux) , thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it as all I want to do is run as safely and quickly as I can with Touch.

    P.S. Sorry to anyone who may take offence at my username. My name is Phil and I am from the UK 🙂 🙂

  • @ukphil you're very welcome. I'm glad you have fixed your issues!

    Yes, English is a language full of nuances and sometimes is difficult to guess the right word.

    For example, when you say "you must also accept..." Is that too imposing? Sure, it doesn't sound as hard as "you have to accept also..." but maybe "you should also accept..." sounds more polite?

    That's why I said it's better to be open minded and assume everybody is here to help, not to offend by default 😉

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