Q&A 34 This Saturday 18/08 AT 19:00 UTC

  • Yes it's here Q&A 34 is this Saturday.

    So we would like your UBports Ubuntu Touch related questions and queries. Please post them below. Then on the day remember you can watch live by following the link below.


  • Do you guys know anything new about the status of liberapay?

    I see /some/ change when I log in. Looks like there are some ways for a donee to get paid (paypal, not very high on my trust radar, strip, never heard of), but no way for a donor to pay. If I only knew what to do with those wads of cash and no libre donation method in sight 😉

  • Foundation news?

  • How awesome is the edge channel?

    Also does it support CAF and non-CAF?

  • There are still further fixes necessary for halium-7 caf and non-caf devices. But there are a handful of CAF ports in flight.

  • How about Anbox?

  • I think we UT users are security & privacy minded people, and one of our concerns is about how our browsers are managing cookies currently.

    I know that even the big boys are having problems in this field, see https://wholeftopenthecookiejar.eu/ for example, but our users can't even delete cookies in an easy way.

    So the question is, which is the plan to make a more secure & private browser for UT, and to make its privacy settings user friendly?

    Thank you for your work!!

  • Question
    How much of a problem is this going to be GOOGLE and device CERTIFICATION.

    How about being able to use apps for Google +,mail

    I had a play with my pro5 and flyme 5 and 7 cn.
    Google is pretty much a closed door for uncertified devices. Google services framework,checks if you are on the whitelist before it completes install.

    Is it possible,that it is Google,disconnecting us,when using UBports ( google + ) apps, and not really a fault with the browsers.
    Meizu are only certified from pro 7 onwards.

    Look on the bright side, more UB followers.

  • There was this donation of test devices from Canonical recently. Last I heared it seems it wasnt clear exactly which devices there are. Do you know yet? Which are there? Are they helpful?

    And for me personally most interesting: is there a Nexus 7 2013 gsm "deb"?

  • @lakotaubp Hi.

    Thanks again for all developpers work.

    Here is a copy paste of the question that i put on the topic ''August 15 devel channel update renders your device unable'' : a very animated day during this vacation time (maybe not for developpers as you).
    The question was first for the very competent and receptive user Advocatux.

    '' I don't now if i said something unrealistic or infeasible : i don't think there is a command prompt, something similar as TERMINAL in UBPORTS RECOVERY. Isn't it ? If the system freeze, don't you think it would be a good idea to be able to lauch commands lines so as to unfreeze a phone without another computer ? Or to have a mechanism to change the channel (in this case devel to rc ?). If it is stupid idea, sorry.... ''

    Thanks to give me your point of view of developpers.

  • Skype needs a Microsoft ID to login
    Time for a serious alternative.

  • I was trying to find information on how to set up a halium device to see the progress on ubports halium port. There is quite a few documentation on how to build halium in general and a general description on how to do a port. This is nice that we have it, but do we really all have to go through the same hassle of compile and figuring out the details of how to put it on our device?

    The question really is: are some of these halium ports advanced enough to integrate them in a separate tree in the ubports installer? (I don't care if it is called edge or just halium)

    Of course we have to be aware that this might mean installing alpha or even pre-alpha. But I am pretty sure many would like to able to give these versions a try on a currently unsupported new halium device.

  • Do we have reliable figures on how many active devices there are in the meanwhile?
    How busy is our telegram notification server?

  • @advocatux There weren't elements of a response to your good question In Q and A 34 ? question no discussed, isn't it ?

    Possible to delete manually cookies of the old web broswer (sqlite file) by terminal, i did it (not to choose the cookies we want to keep of a sqlite file). So it is '' at own risk".
    Cookies and other sqlite files are here :

    See the files

    I found an online tool to SEE only sqlite files :


    For webbrowser-ng, i don't know where are the cookies and what is the name and extension of the file(s).

  • @domubpkm let's say developers are working hard to improve the browser 😉

    I use sqlitebrowser in my Debian machines (https://packages.debian.org/sid/sqlitebrowser) to play with those cookies files, but it's available in bionic too.

    For webbrowser-ng, i don't know where are the cookies

    The path is ~.local/share/webbrowser-ng/QtWebEngine/Default/Cookies

  • @hummlbach Current stats:

    Aug 23 19:03:56 0 push-server-dev[25440]: 2018/08/23 19:03:56 INFO Current usage statistics:
    Aug 23 19:03:56 0 push-server-dev[25440]: 2018/08/23 19:03:56 INFO         |  Devices   |  Unicasts  | Broadcasts |
    Aug 23 19:03:56 0 push-server-dev[25440]: 2018/08/23 19:03:56 INFO 5 mins  |        984 |        357 |          0 |
    Aug 23 19:03:56 0 push-server-dev[25440]: 2018/08/23 19:03:56 INFO 60 mins |        979 |       4071 |          0 |
    Aug 23 19:03:56 0 push-server-dev[25440]: 2018/08/23 19:03:56 INFO 1 day   |        883 |      69004 |          0 |
    Aug 23 19:03:56 0 push-server-dev[25440]: 2018/08/23 19:03:56 INFO 7 days  |        864 |     446396 |          0 |

    I would love to have more stats (by release channel, by App) but people dont want anonymous data collection since its evil 😉


  • @flohack So yes, I see a small increase here, but its maybe 100 devices more than some months ago. No wonder since everyone is waaaaiiiiting to have WhatsApp lol.

    But I like that we send 40k push messages per day xD Some ppl do really get a lot.

  • @advocatux You right. Yes indeed, i didn't see this...
    And so, with the sqlite tool, we can see in each browser (the tool so read new browser) that some cookies 'have their place', others are very invasive..

  • @marathon2422 Skype is on a declining path not just becaus it is made by MS since a few years but also since it has no unique feature that couldnt be done by others. Telegram got voice chats. Microsoft wanted Skype to replace their dead MSN/Lync projects and partly they successded especially in the Business are, where it is now called Skype for business.

    But alas you cant paste pictures from clipboard, no stickers and strange bots. And the worst one: Ads.


  • @domubpkm yes, it would be cool some new features like the browser deleting (most) cookies when you close it

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