• How to block phone calls to Porno-Sex-Numbers? Here in Germany starting with 0190... . Also calls to numbers abroad. This are the Numbers starting with +0 or 00. This is part of childlock. (My Handy-Provider does not have a childlock like this.)

  • @thomas_ww I am not aware of any facility in UBports to block those sort of calls or any other. That would be down to your provider I should think. You can just set the screen lock and keep it very secret.

  • @lakotaubp Is it an idea for the next update?

  • @thomas_ww No this is not planned for this OTA far as I know or any other. I would not know if it is even technically posible for an operating system to block an unknown range of individual numbers( but someone here will) without it going through your service provider. As I said the best child lock would be a good screen lock code etc.
    We do have a child friendly browser in the openstore called Jade Diamond though.

  • Normally its better to block those numbers with your provider, as nobody can block taking out the SIM card and putting it into an unblocked phone etc.


  • @lakotaubp My provider is, the most known provider in Germany. They do not want to have a childlock for outgoing phone-calls.
    I dont know the situation in USA. Please make a test and ask your provider. I'm interestet to know.

    please google android outgoing call blocker

    LG Thomas

  • @thomas_ww Will look into but I'm in the UK not USA : ) not that that matters : ) to much.; ) I can only imagine the vast range of numbers involved in this for the service provider and the fact that numbers can be change very quickly and the fact that the code at the front of the number will be used by other companies aswell is most of the problem.

  • @lakotaubp I thing about blocking large ranges of numbers. p.e. starting with + or 00 or 0190.

  • @thomas_ww Hi, I'm in Spain and I can block calls to "Premium numbers" in my service provider website or sending an SMS to a customer service number.

  • All coming back to the same thing a service provider option/service. Mine blocks calls to charity telethon donation and premium TV quiz/voting as standard and I know some other do allow that. Try what @advocatux said check out your providers website.

  • @thomas_ww Please ask your service provider how to block "Mehrwertnummern" 🙂


  • I have an old landline ISDN (Digital subscriber service in Germany) phone at home, still as my only landline phone in use. Even this one from 1996 allows to program blocked numbers as "00" or "0190" (these examples are given in its manual). The block is done locally, i.e. not done in the provider.

  • @thomas_ww The android outgoing blockers are individual apps and not built into the system. There are as has been said no such apps in the Openstore at present. Someone may develop one in the future, I would not know how difficult this may or may not be to achieve as I do not have the skills.
    Until then it looks like a good screen lock pin/passcode to stop people getting in and double checking with the provider "Mehrwertnummern” as suggested by @Flohack

  • 0_1539201510507_IMG_7196c.JPG

    My wife calls her mother 8 times a week. This is a call from Germany to Tschechia.
    If you touch "Mobil" you pay a price per minute.
    If you touch "WhatsApp" your call is for free!

    My beloved wife knows this very well, but sometimes she uses the wrong button. 10 times use the wrong button is about 100 Euro.

    • My provider definitely will not block calls abroad.
    • For Android there are some Outgoing Call Blockers. I tested them all. - None of them worked.

    IF Ubuntu would have a feature blocking all outgoing calls abroad as a part of the system, it would be a mighty tool with an unique selling point.

    LG Thomas

  • Hello
    The best child lock is your child's own brain. Discuss, listen, answer, explain and your child will not need this. Otherwise he will find any way to bypass your restrictions, including using a friend's phone to whom he will become indebted.
    Best regards

  • @pulsar33 Yes, you are basicly right. This kind of "childlock" is a foolproof. It will block everything that costs extra money 🙂

  • @guru If you solve it on the App level it can be unblocked again by children e.g. There is no reliable way to block it than on the provider level. Whoever has access to the device will find a way to unblock it, if he or she really wants 😉

  • @flohack Even provider level blocking is not necessarily reliable, as it's probably exposed as a carrier option, which can be modified through phone app settings, like call forwarding and such.

    But I don't think the goal is to hard block here. It's to prevent such accidental things. If one has enough will to get around such blocks, they can very easily regardless of where the block is.

  • @dobey FritzBox! has this feature as a part of the system. This is one of the features, that make the FritzBox popular.

    0_1539563980940_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-10-15 02-32-06.jpg

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