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  • Hello everyone. My name is Denny. I've been interested in UT development for the past 3 years. Since it was still Cannonical. Im a huge fan. I can even say a fanatic, all that concerns UT and Unity. But I always read a lot and watched everything, studied, worked, read books on different programming languages, programmed for myself. Now there is a time that I can finally devote myself completely to what I have always been interested in. I want to contribute a lot to my favorite project, in any sphere. What do you need most? In what area (programming language) should I focus all my time and attention? I learn very quickly, especially for a project that means so much to me. I myself work as a translator for more than half of my life (German-Russian), and for 12 years I have been repairing phones, tablets, etc., I have my own service. Soldering, replacement of parts, firmware, etc. I myself only use Linux mainly Debian. I would like you to send me to the most necessary area for you and I would start working in the coming days. To not learn everything in a row (like me). And I worked on one thing that you advise. For a long time I have been very much watching the project and at the same time stand aside. I would like to spend time with benefit and already purposefully. Sorry, English is not my native language. Now I have a Nexus 5. Before that, I used the Nexus 4 and OnePlusOne. Really looking forward to your reply. I have everything in my arsenal. Including money. Thank you so much for your work and for the continuation of the UT project.

  • @dennydaad hi & welcome. If you're interested in helping the project with your programming skills but you don't know how or where to start, you can take a look to the open issues labeled "help wanted" or "good first issue" here https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues

    Most of the code is at https://github.com/ubports/ You can take a look at it too to see if something catch your eye.

    If you want to sponsor UT, please see https://ubports.com/donate :)

  • Hello there, my name is Erik. I have been using Linux exclusively for about 9 months. I saw a video about Ubiports and decided to give it a try. So I bought a Nexus 5 and installed it. I have been using it exclusively as my main phone since, about 3 days

  • Hello, my name is Rick, or tygerpro, I am currently unemployed but I have been doing manual labor or IT based jobs in the past. I first tried Ubuntu touch many years ago on a Asus tf201, and loved it, even though it was a half finished port. I have a Note 4 that I thought would be a good candidate for UT since it is a workhorse and has a stylus (a key reason ingot the note 4) and since I didn't see anyone working on it, I decided to start my contribution to something I personally would like on all my devices. I am willing to learn and help others where possible, and I am always open to a discussion if it pertains to UT or Ubuntu in general.

  • @tigerpro welcome!

  • @lotw Welcome to UBports, glad to see your enjoying Ubuntu Touch. You will find this useful to help get you started https://UBports.com/telegram-welcome

  • @tigerpro Good to have you here. You seem to know your way around but you can have the link as well https://UBports.com/telegram-welcome

  • @louies said in Welcome to the UBports community! Introduce yourself here!:

    @tigerpro welcome!

    Thank You

    @lakotaubp said in Welcome to the UBports community! Introduce yourself here!:

    @tigerpro Good to have you here. You seem to know your way around but you can have the link as well https://UBports.com/telegram-welcome

    Thank You, I have been lurking here and there while trying to get my port going.

  • Hello from Paris!

    I'm Freco, 36, and I'm spreading Linux since 2011 specially on old device (mostly Lubuntu, Mint XFCE, Puppy Linux).

    In 2019 I decided to get a smartphone, excited by the developpement of anbox, and the next great interess that Ubuntu can create, so I buy a Nexus 5 to get the best experience of UT and convergence, in order to get UT for daily use.

    See you!

  • @freco Hi and welcome to UBports and Ubuntu Touch. Use this link to get some basic info https://UBports.com/telegram-welcome and you know where we are if you need us.

  • sorry for the bold text I don't understand how to change it...
    My name is Thierry, from Belgium, I'm very new to UBports, and my description is very near of Freco (I've also bought a N5 broken but usable, to stay tuned on smartphones, and learn how to repair it ), active in Open Source for a long time now, using Xfce for my desktops, I prefer velocity rather than shininess.
    I code (almost for Blender) in Python and abit of /php-html. And I've never had a smartphone because of Google and Apple's monopolistic presence.
    My N5 is for now only for testing, I'm on the dev update channel. At this stage I see that camera application is progressing I'd be happy to help with user experience if needed.
    Keep UBports up, it seems very promising!


  • @tmaes Welcome to UBports have a read of this to get started https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome

  • @tmaes hi, welcome! and fixed that formatting issue :)

    Explanation of the issue: this forum uses markdown so when you added those -- for your signature that was interpreted as "show the above text as a header" (i.e. H2)

  • Hi, I'm Kugi Eusebio from the Philippines. Around late 20's :P
    I'm a software engineer but only for a packaged application so nothing exciting :D
    I've been using UT since 2014. My first UT device was a Nexus 7 2013 which I bought primarily to just install UT on it.
    I was part of the Ubuntu Pioneers who are the very first ones to publish apps in the then Canonical's app store.
    I bought a BQ E5 HD on 2015 which I used as my main phone until now. I also bought a 2nd hand Nexus 5 which I now use for my UT developments.

    I've bought a lot of stuffs because of UT......folding keyboards, bluetooth mouse, portable monitor, slimport adapters, OTG hubs, etc. So it's safe to say that I've invested time and money on UT :D

    I currently have 4 apps in the OpenStore and I've been more active in the OS development recently with one-liner bug fixes and the recent OSK theming support.

    Just saw this thread LOL

  • @kugiigi Better late than never : ) I really don't think you need the Welcome info link but don't want you to feel left out so here it is https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome XD

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