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  • @rubel From one 'old newbie' to another: welcome! 👋😄

  • Thank You for all your inputs & see ya soon!

  • I'm kind of "bad ass" not give up so easily, if something can be done I will do it, if first not myself then for sure with Your support 🙂 Always... unless no support.. then after some weeks sitting at the black screen I can give up hehe.. 🙂

    And thanks to be in home again... uff..

  • I find it somewhat fascinating to read about the different people in this community, so I guess I'll contribute to adding myself to the list. 🙂

    I'm a Scandinavian in my mid 20s who started using Linux when Mark Shuttleworth was kind enough to ship me one of those amazing live CDs back 2007. I've been using Ubuntu ever since (beginning with Gutsy Gibbon), with only minor distro hopping now and then.

    Despite having used Linux as my daily driver for half my life (starting at year zero!) I am not at all a technical user - I'm a part of the silent minority that will sometimes report bugs or donate, but from day to day I'm occupied with studies. Currently doing a PhD in political science. I am however quite comfortable with R and some statistical analysis, so reach out if there should be any demand for that.

    I've been following Ubuntu Touch since it was announced, but none of my old phones have been left in a working condition to play around with it before now. Will try to get it up and running on my old (semi broken) Nexus 6P as soon as I get it back from a friend, and hopefully transition into using it as a daily driver as soon as possible.

    Ten years ago I was quite enthusiastic about Android. I'm not sure whether I grew cynical or Google grew evil. Possibly both. I'm also sick of short life cycles, and my next purchase when I have to will probably be a Fairphone.

    Most of all I'm probably here as a consequence of the ongoing pandemic - being locked in an apartment in a foreign country for months has given me time to rediscover interests from my teenage years, from Linux to Animal Crossing. This certainly has a similar feeling to it as when I got that CD more than a decade ago.

    Truly impressed by the work you're all putting into this, and am more excited about Ubuntu Touch now than I was when I still thought the Edge might happen. I also think you've got a really nice little community going on here. Excellent work!

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  • @Fritzle

    Greetings, Michael. 🙂

  • @rubel

    Greetings, Dan. 🤝

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm Kazuma from Japan, since discovered with this so great project, decided to port this on My Samsung Galaxy J6+ (J610G), due to ages over 40, and have experience with Computer Hardware engineering long time ago, so please don't ask me with Software thing because I can't answer with it, thanks!


  • @Kazuma Hello and welcome. You might find this link of use https://ubports.com/meet-the-community

  • Greetigns, @Kazuma. 🖐🏼

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