Old browser and all history, bookmarks and opened pages

  • I bet this has been mentioned before and I have just missed it, but I updated today to the new version of the OS to version 16. I see that the old browser has been removed and "Morph Browser" has appeared in my apps list.

    Opening this though does not bring back all history, bookmarks and opened pages from the removed browser. Is there a way I can get all this back as I cannot believe that it the old browser would be taken away without giving users the option to get what they had before back.

    Browser Next on my OPO is totally out of size and as a result I only get 1/4 of the page.

  • @ukphil Have a look at https://forums.ubports.com/topic/1764/morph-browser/11 the answer is in there

  • HI.

    See what i said in topic MORPH BROWSER for bookmarks IF it is the same case.

  • Cheers, this helps with the bookmarks, but I take it that the previously open tabs are lost?

  • @ukphil If you speak about history, it is the file history.sqlite of old browser that you can so paste in morph browser.

  • @domubpkm History as in tabs currently open before the upgrade to morph browser, not the list of sites that you have visited since day dot.

  • @ukphil no, just tabs open in one browser can't be imported to another one, but you can click the "star" and save those pages as bookmarks and you can import them then.

  • Sorry, but this will put me off upgrading my daily driver to OTA-5 until I have entirely worked through my open history of tabs and exported links/fully sponged out the value of information they have to offer. Unless someone can come up with a way to import those tabs into Morph browser. In the meantime, hopefully a very visible warning (or several warnings across several platforms) can be provided for unaware users.

  • I had to go through all my open tabe (about 30 in total) to see what I needed and what was left open and could be closed. This was on my tablet as I had previously upgraded my OPO and lost my tabs. I had to then copy and pase them into uWrite to try and keep them. History is good, but you may go through 20 or so pages to get to what you want and then keep that tab open for later reference.

    I just feel that there should be some warning for users when upgrading save them opening the new browser and finding that things are lost. If I had been warned abou this on upgrade I could of cancelled and saved what I wanted to.

  • @ukphil For me it all worked well. All bookmarks, history is there and the websites I couldn't wisit with the old browser/ keep crashing/ , now work nicely. I have deleted all the files of old browser from. cache, .config, .local and that did not affect the Morph browser at all. Very pleased with it.

  • @Stefano Yes it worked good for me and I am not saying it didn't. All I am saying is that I lost the tabs that I had open and it would of been nice to be told that I was going to loose them with the install of the new browser, so I could save what I wanted to

  • @ukphil Aah, I see, the open tabs.

  • the last opened tab (maybe a unwanted link) cannot be closed via "unwanted tab X" .
    i always must select another tab to close this.

    after browsing a time the morph browser terminates suddenly ( crash??) .

  • @ksalver said in Old browser and all history, bookmarks and opened pages:

    the last opened tab (maybe a unwanted link) cannot be closed via "unwanted tab X" .
    i always must select another tab to close this.

    I have noticed this as there is no "X" to click. I too have to select another tab, open it up, then go into the all tabs again and close the one I was previously looking at, which now has an "X" on it.

    I think this has been raised, but if not are you going to log it in GitLab?

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