Telegram-App: Improvements

  • @Alexisme Calls would be a massive feature.
    It would be nice to add, but to integrate it would be very difficult.

    A big issue is that we dont have background processes.
    The messaging app and the phone app aren't limited the same way.
    Canonicals plan, was to make the messaging app the one stop for several services, how close this was to being done I dont know, the most I know is that you can receive XMPP messages but can't send them.
    Are there patches to be able to send XMPP messages? I dont know.
    Are there patches so other services can call in the background? I dont know
    How much effort it would take to get the advantages canonical where working on with telegram compared to an alternative decision that we could make?

    What am I trying to get at?

    Basically that if we added the call feature to the this telegram app at this point, if you switched from the telegram app to something else, the call would abruptly end, so we can't just tackle this via app developers, we have to make decisions on the OS level, and the app has to wait for those decisions and for them decisions to be implemented.

    It might be that we can just plug in telegram to use the phone app to do VoIP and then not have to worry about anything other then making there encryption work, or it might be the case that we have to change things in the OS, then spend a lot of time coding the front end of the call system for telegram, tweaking things to work correctly.

  • Yes thats all very true.

    1. What I can see from today is a few possible workaround: You could explain that calls in the beginning will need an announcement by a normal message, which will be delivered by then hopefully still working notifications, and then the other party can respond by switching on Telegram an start a call ("You have a callback pending...") - As there are no costs involved, its just a not-so-comfortable way. Active calls would be possible.
    2. I do not like the idea of a centralized messaging app. Many other unified messenger have failed to deliver what people want: Simply all features. Telegram is so special already that a unified messenger again has to make compromises regarding which features will work, which wont. My goal is to have 100% feature parity with the official client.
    3. The current plan is to catch up with the most important features first (supergroups, secret chats, 2-factor auth etc) and then stabilize the code as much as possible.
    4. You can see on Github the Issue list and where we are targeting the issues to. Currently we are targeting for 3.x release for the next months and 3.1 probably end of year.

  • Bug reporting:

    I have tried to leave an old chat and delete it, both options are not working, even you get a question if you want to allow the action.

    BQ E4.5

  • @bq4.5 Was it a secret chat?

  • @Flohack said in Telegram-App: Improvements:

    @bq4.5 Was it a secret chat?

    Just a normal chat and it seems i can't delete any chat even with people that have uninstalled telegram from their phones. Will submit a bug and print screen to

  • Guys,

    please help me decide for the size of the reworked attachment panel:


    Left is the current version. The middle and right are trimmed down each. I tried on my E5 and I like the middle one best. The advantage of the smallest one would be that there is more room for future buttons (like for example Contact/vCard).


  • I would prefer the right one. Button contend is clear even for πŸ€“ like me and the text area is optimised

  • I would choose the right panel.

  • I agree also that the right panel is the best

  • maybe the right one is too small. why don't make smaller only the white icons inside the buttons, keeping the buttons a bit bigger?
    telegram share buttons mockup
    it's only a mockup

    if the buttons like this are too big I like the one in the middle

  • Please remember that for most people small is good enough - also for me, (and most probably they will vote for small) but that should not mean we make the app less usable for the minority.

  • Thanks for maintaining the telegram app! πŸ˜ƒ Right now it is pretty bad.

    my vote for the attachement panel: the middle one. It seems just small enaough to hold an additional icon. So that's fine.

  • @Flohack said in Telegram-App: Improvements:

    I added a vote for it now here: πŸ™‚

    Thank you for this participation opportunity. This attitude is sth. I like very much in the UBports world. But this easypolls have too many scripts I must allow to participate, so I do not want to vote on this poll server.

    For the future, do you know ? Seems to respect privacy much more afaik.

  • Ok seems that at least large is out of choices.

    I would suggest: I build the middle ones into the next update, and then we use them for a while & decide again. I canΒ΄t really say right now how it will be in daily usage πŸ˜‰


  • I'd also go for the smallest version.

  • Emojis.

    My friend has way more stickers on her Telegram app. Like a lot more.

    Could we get these implemented?

  • @ControlledCorpse You can upload stickers to the desktop (or web) version of the application. You will find them on the Ubuntu Phone app ... πŸ˜‰

  • @GIEMME Hmmm

    How do you do that? I tried the webversion and didn't see where I could do that πŸ˜•

  • @ControlledCorpse
    Hello. I can not control the web version. On that PC (which I use both in the office and at home) is quite simple. There are basically a variety of ways. The first is this: choose a sticker that has been sent to you by others and you like it, right-click it and choose the "add sticker" option.
    A second way is to open the "Sticker" tab (always on your PC) and select the stickers that you are interested in, and click on "add"
    On Telegram web (if I remember correctly) , you cannot access the gallery of available stickers, you can add a set, clicking on a sticker that you like and that someone has sent you.
    When you add the Stickers set to the PC version or the Telegram web, you will also find it on the version for ubuntu touch

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