most wanted core apps to run ubuntu as daily phone OS

  • I agree with @cbp.
    But I'd also like a "lite" option; without all the features, but without using so much space either.

  • @flohack we can't/want have whatsapp because it is a proprietary app, we can't have Telegram and Signal (open source as far as I know) apps because they change/add the features all the time and Ubports team have no man-power resources to update them (am I right?). On the other hand I think we need to have this kind of app in UT, what is an alternative then? I visit this forum just from time to time, maybe I've missed something, is there available any app to make internet voice calls possible (as with Telegram/Signal)? I remember that I once got a reply from You in January and You mentioned Linphone as possible to be available on UT. It would be great but as far as I know there is no any update reg. the work progress of this matter. There is one link to the Telegram group but I do not use Telegram anymore as probably many of other UT users. Sorry if I'm wrong.

  • @cheniek another interesting messaging app is uMatriks.

    There are some webapps for video chats too, like Hublin, Appear In, or Vidme. You can find them in the OpenStore.

  • @cheniek There will be Anbox for Android apps. It's being developed as we speak. There is a beta version for some devices available, but that's just the begging. Patience, my friend.

  • @cheniek So to summarize this quickly, sind those things are unchanged for some time:

    • Yes, WhatsApp will probably never come to UT, unless they write it themselves. Anbox might help there, but we dont know if WhatsApp will run flawlessly in Anbox.
    • With Signal we are still in discussion in which way we could have a kind of cooperation, after that is finished we might have some options here.
    • Telegram: We are making a completly new App that will more closely follow the official ones. Here are the biggest possibilities since its now based on their official open sourced lib - tdlib.
    • Linphone: Is being worked on, but we do not have massive resources here. Any help is welcome.
    • Matriks: The same, but we are doing progress here. Expect some updates and then at least push notifications will be coming here.

    But keep in mind, currently telephony makes little sense, since Apps dont execute in the background due to the design of the OS. Some Apps might get exceptions for the lifecycle, but it creates some potential issues if too many Apps run with that.

    I dont think that many UT users do not use Telegram anymore, since its still the best working messenger we got.

    BR Florian

  • I have to say it: a core app for me is a simple note-taking app. I personally really like the functionality of get-notes on my desktop:
    It keeps all notes on the computer, but can sync to a cloud
    It has a kick-ass search function
    The notes are saved automatically.

    I would absolutely LOVE to see a mobile version of it on UT.

  • 🙂 I have, @advocatux - it's just not the same. Thanks though.

  • Hello,

    Strange how people don't share the same feeling about core apps ...
    Here's my point of vue :

    My phone is a phone so :

    • Phone app
    • Contacts app (at least with local database)
    • Messages app (SMS, MMS)
    • Clock app (with alarms)

    My phone is built over Linux so :

    • Terminal app
    • Filemanager app
    • Preferences app
    • System update app
    • Apparmor management app <= missing

    My phone has I/O interfaces so :

    • Camera app (photo, video)
    • Galery app (photo, video)
    • Play and Record sounds apps <= partially
    • Display GPS coordinates app (textual, no map) <= missing

    My phone is smart and connected so :

    • Calendar app (at least with local database)
    • Calculator app
    • Notes app
    • Web browser app
    • Mail client app
    • Openstore app
    • Anbox app <= necessary for UT survival

    IMHO, Telegram (or similar apps) is too specific and restricting to be a core app.

    Have a nice day

  • @pulsar33 You can use SensorsStatus BTW to fetch GPS coordinates in text form xD


  • @flohack : Yes I have it, thanks
    But ...

    • It's not a core app,
    • Accelerometer is useless
    • Altimeter, Compass, Gyroscope, Pressure are said unavailable (BQ E5 OTA15)
    • GPS data : only LAT/LON are relevant but badly filtered and presented.

    A correct app would display correctly filtered LAT, LON, ALT, DIRECTION, TIME & SPEED with units and formats relevant choices, IMHO.
    Best regards. Pulsar33

    PS : I would be happy to code this but I didn't succeed installing sdk as said here

  • @3arn0wl

    notes-app is a core app. It only hooks up to Evernote, though.

  • Hi @unisuperbox.
    I remember the notes app - I downloaded it when I first flashed my phone. It didn't seem to save the notes though. 😕 Now I can't seem to find notes-app in the open-store...

  • @3arn0wl Just looked in uappexplorer and says its no longer available. Unless you can persuade the developer. Might be worth a try really not sure.

  • 🙂 Thanks @lakotaubp

  • @3arn0wl Ment to add it just states email support no direct name or developer. Pressed post button to early. Its getting late for me 😉

  • 🙂 @lakotaubp - I've just e-mailed the developer...

  • @3arn0wl @Lakotaubp Since the code is here theres actually no need to ask the maintainer. But it would be great if she/he would maintain it for sure... 🙂 It was preinstalled when I flashed ubports ubuntu touch in december i think and I'm using it a lot and it's basically okay (not using synchronization stuff). There was a user at the munich gettogether who asked to put it back to the openstore. We actually promised him to do so... so we really should do it... most propably we just have to build the click package... I'll try it in the train tomorrow.

  • I would find it nice to have a clear picture about "app importance" btw... How about a poll for that? For example that one:

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