Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world

  • Adding to my post, here the page from the canonical times I was refering to (my very first serious use of the internet archive :P) :

    Even found the old gestures videos... https://web.archive.org/web/20180124153738/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qocy2Ypz-_Y

    Unless the scopes, most is still uptodate enough to be reused for promotionnal purposes. (It is also satisfying to see that the designs from 2014 have not got old at all !) In which extend is the support from canonical about it ? Would they allow to reuse those materials and even be OK to share the project files from webpages, images and videos so that a talented community member would update them ?

  • @gimenez fair points, just keep in mind that UBports is a volunteered based project, and there's an obvious lack of manpower, so any help is welcomed 🙂

    Perhaps you might be interested in joining the Design and / or Marketing groups (?)

  • @gimenez said in Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world:

    No clear idea of what is convergence. There are no demo for it, which is a pity, because it's cool and it works! The dedicated convergence page is too long Each paragraph almost re-says the same content. They are like 5 or 6 different (and graphically unconsistent) illustrations, but no demo, and no actual picture of what is it. It is not clear if it is a whished or a working feature... Still the image of safe in the header

    Simply put, convergence means shell and apps are usable across a wide range of devices, including phones, tablets, and PCs, with the same security constraints.

    Given this, convergence is still therefore not complete, and there are a few related points to make:

    • The Unity8 shell does not work well on PCs as of yet
    • We are not able to confine security context of apps on PCs as well as on phones/tablets yet
    • While Libertine can allow running legacy apps under some confinement, it is unrelated to the goals of convergence itself.
    • Being able to use a phone/tablet with external screen/kb/mouse is a nice feature, and related to convergence, but is not itself convergence.
    • Most native UT apps (and webapps) are only suitable for phones/tablets still, and therefore are also not convergent yet.

    So, as you can see, it can be difficult to clearly present that in a very shiny way with demos and such, when it's still not yet all there.

  • @dobey Thanks for the clarification. But you got my point : summing up one entire page in one post 🙂

    I'm totally OK with the fact that the convergence is still "on development" (it's actually part of the fun to live with new updates as they arrive !) and I guess some interested incommers would be OK with it as well as soon as they have a clear dev state like you presented. If the dev state is clear enough they would have al informations they need to decide this feature or not.

    I do think that there are possibilities to present a shiny visual for this feature even in the actual dev state. Plug the phone, key in your password, open up some of the converged core apps and answer one or two sms/mails in the meanwhile. Would be already impressive 🙂
    I'll make myself clever on how to make screen recordings, and if it is possible in the converged mode. I'm sure they are visuals that are doable, that would look as beautiful and proffessional as UT is actually !

    edit : the screenshots work in desktop mode. Hereunder a fresh example of a satisfyingly filled desktop. For me this is already shiny 😉
    To tell the story until the end, I took the screenshot and uploaded it like a charm here from morph browser in desktop mode. It opened up "files", I selected the screenshot. How cool is that ? 😄

    edit 2: unity crashed during the redaction of this edit. Still, it rocks.

  • @gimenez Right, that can work, but I think "here is my phone plugged into a screen and I have windows" as the means of showing convergence, contributes too much to the false idea that that is in fact what convergence is, when in reality it is but a very small part of it.

  • To be honest, I don't think Jo/e average really cares about the technicalities of convergence... just the powerful outworking of it.

  • @gimenez
    You do a good job showing how pretty this OS is in use, and isn't it the case that unity always crashes right at an inconvenient moment 😂

  • @3arn0wl said in Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world:

    To be honest, I don't think Jo/e average really cares about the technicalities of convergence... just the powerful outworking of it.

    It doesn't matter whether they care or not. If we can't explain it in a way that makes them understand it, then when they talk about it in a way which does not include all the other parts, it undermines the goals.

    Saying "this is convergence" for a thing that is not convergence, but rather is simply the windowed mode of unity8 shell, makes it more difficult to actually build a fully convergent system.

  • @dobey Show of the most prominent, visual part of convergence, then use that to explain the other parts in ways that can be easily understood without a long explanation.

  • We'll have to agree to differ on that, @dobey.

  • @advocatux said in Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world:


    The Mastodon account needs some love. Last post was January this year. 😞

  • @Opolork this is a very old thread, we're using another address now 😉


  • @advocatux said in Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world:

    @Opolork this is a very old thread, we're using another address now 😉


    Cheers, advocatux . Following. 🙂

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