Spreading Ubuntu Touch to the world

  • We should make Ubuntu Touch more known.

    It’s an elegant, beautiful and awesome OS with so much possibilities.
    Let it run on the Librem 5 and put some general improvements on it or add some more features and it could be the best mobile operating system ever.

    The problem, no one knows about it,
    If you would ask people on the street what mobile OS they know, they would say „Android and iOS“, some would even add Windows Phone.
    But no one would say „Ubuntu Touch“,
    Even many developers don’t know its still a thing.
    Windows Phone failed because they couldn’t get any App developers to publishing their Apps for Windows Phone.

    So how should Ubuntu Touch survive if the most App developers and possible contributors don’t even know its there?

    We should promote Ubuntu Touch like a product to get more users and more contributors,
    But theres not even an own dedicated Twitter or Instagram Account for Ubuntu Touch.

    Ubuntu Touch could become the choice for governments, because its an open source and secure mobile OS, it could become the choice for Companies because they can implement whatever they want, it could become the choice for Privacy and Security focused people like Journalists, CEOs, CTOs and Developers, and it could become so much more

    So let’s collect some ideas how to spread Ubuntu Touch to the world^^

  • For me the main reason, why nobody knows about it is, because you can not buy a phone, preinstalled with that os.
    The ones available before at the Canonical time, was very low level hardware and very limited amount of devices.
    I was a buyer of the very first release of the BQ E4.5 Ubuntu Edition.
    I still have my BQ E4.5 and BQ Aquaris FHD, but what can I do with them? Hardware is very weak,. The performance is very low and the camera for photos and videos is almost unusable. That was my reason, why I bought more than a year ago a Galaxy S8 with spyware Android.
    Before I was using the BQ E4.5 for a looong time.

    Maybe it will become more interesting, if Anbox is available, so you can install all the Android Apps. Because what's the use of the best os, if there are no apps?

    Even I am not using it, but the world is asking for Whats App.
    If there is no Whats App available, it's not interesting to the people.
    See here: https://www.statista.com/statistics/260819/number-of-monthly-active-whatsapp-users/
    This 2017 1.5 billion people are already out, because they are active Whats App users.

    Even there is Telegram, people are using Whats App.
    And to be truth, Whats App is way more advanced than Telegram.

  • @wlbi That's right. Also we should not forget other countries like China & Japan where everyone is using WeChat or Line. We need Anbox to make these apps working on Ubuntu Touch and we need hardware vendors who can sell Ubuntu Phones. So maybe we should choose the right time for bigger marketing... If we invest into marketing too early, it could fade away.
    Btw.: There is already a UBports Twitter account: https://mobile.twitter.com/UBports

  • @davidcolombo hi, nice reflection.

    But theres not even an own dedicated Twitter or Instagram Account for Ubuntu Touch.

    Nope, UBports has official accounts in Twitter and Instagram too 🙂

    If I don't forget anything, this is the social media list:

  • @advocatux I already know these UBports Accounts and I follow them 😛

    But I thought about Accounts for Ubuntu Touch and the Open Store also,

    Like you have a verified Android or App Store Accounts on Twitter, wheres UbuntuTouch and OpenStore?

    Maybe I’m wrong but it I think its not bad if we have more presence with dedicated accounts for the products/services we offer also.

  • @davidcolombo ah, I see. Maybe @bhdouglass, and the Marketing Team, can give us their opinion about having a dedicated social account to promote the OpenStore and its apps.

    Do you think an OpenStore Twitter account is enough or should it have an account in all the social media? (keep in mind this is a volunteer based project).

  • As it talking about Government, here is also a big problem in China: Taiwan problem
    For some history reason, Taiwan and Chinese mainland still not get unified in one government.(It is a long history and it is getting more complex today, I can't put all of these here.) But both of Taiwan government and China mainland government agree that Taiwan is a part of China.(In official documents, but some Taiwan people just think Taiwan is a country)
    Also, all Chinese and Chinese mainland government CAN NOT ACCEPT someone says "Taiwan is a country" or do such action.

    And in nowadays Ubuntu-touch language&country setting, word "Taiwanese" is not acceptable by Chinese mainland government and Chinese people.In country selection, word "Taiwan" is not acceptable(It should be "Chinese Taiwan" or change word "country" into "region")

  • @advocatux I also think just a Twitter Account for the OpenStore is enough. It could be connected with the OpenStore RSS feed to provide automatically informations about new and updated Apps, and it could post App Recommendations of the Day/Week/Month.

    But I think it would be also cool to have a dedicated Ubuntu Touch Account even if its just mirroring UBports, but people should be able to find an own account for it if they search for UbuntuTouch like they would if they search for Android.

    Maybe we can even request Twitter verification badges for the Accounts, including UBports 😄

  • Community


    Maybe we can even request Twitter verification badges for the Accounts

    We've been working on this for all of our accounts, but they require official (read: government) documents of ownership. Since the Foundation is still being applied for, we have none of these.

  • Maybe contact the developers of Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc and see if they are interested in writing apps for Ubuntu Touch? Making Anbox an easier install would also help.

    Personally I am posting screenshots of Ubuntu Touch to all my social media profiles in the hope of spreading the word about the OS.

  • @ernmander
    Would be really a great move, if you can contact them and tell us what was the result.
    I contact WhatsApp already August 6th 2015, about that concern. The only answer was a standard answer:


    We apologize that we have not gotten back to you yet.

    If your inquiry is a feature request, please understand that we have received your request and our development team is constantly working to improve our product. However, due to the small size of our company we are currently unable to supply a timeline for any feature.

    If you are still experiencing the issue you wrote in with, please first follow these steps:

    There was no other response anymore....

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